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Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 command for the Backup-Archive client displays server

information such as server name, server type, and server version?

A. query server

B. query session

C. queryservinfo

D. querysysteminfo

Answer: B


The following CL program was created to perform an application backup:

The operator later reports that the backup failed and all of the subsystems had to be restarted. What caused the backup to fail?

A. The backup job was submitted to an inactive subsystem.

B. The job did not have the correct authority\’ to the program.

C. The JOBD for the submitted job does not have authority to the subsystem

D. A MONMSG command is required to allow the subsystems to restart after a failed backup.

Correct Answer: A


In IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite Resource Hierarchy, how is the default search view

determined when there are many search views for an entity?

A. the search view that was created first

B. the search view that was created last

C. the search view with the lowest resource sequence number

D. the search view with the highest resource sequence number

Answer: C



Which of the following is a well4ormed XML document?

A. <?xml version=


Service Focal Point, Inventory Scout, and DLPAR rely on correct setup and networking between

the HMC and the logical partitions. Which authentication method is used to control session

management, but also authentication between network peers?

A. Kerberos

B. Domain Name Server

C. Secure Sockets Layer

D. Resource Monitoring and Control

Answer: D