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A system administrator is installing an enterprise application in a secured WebSphere Application

Server environment. The application has been configured to use security roles. Which of the

following is considered a BEST practice when mapping the security roles to the current user


A. Map the security roles of EJB methods to groups and the security roles of Web resources to


B. Map the security roles of Web resources to groups and security roles of EJB methods to users.

C. Map all security roles to users

D. Map all security roles to groups

Answer: D


A system Administrator is trying to connect the Virtual Ethernet that enables the communication

between logical partitions on the same server to an external network. The System Administrator

wants to use Shared Ethernet Adapter(SEA) to accomplish this. There are four partitions: 2 AIX

5.3 partitions, 1 AIX 5.2 partition and one Virtual IO Server that need to use SEA. After setting up

a Shared Ethernet Adapter, none of the partitions are reaching the external network. Besides

turning on ipforwarding, what is another probable cause?

A. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, MAC addresses are not visible to the outside systems. They

require individual Ethernet cards in each partition. This can then be routed to the outside


B. The Shared Ethernet Adapter acts as a layer 2 switch, but ARP and NDP do not work on SEA.

Update the device drivers for Virtual Ethernet in all partitions and enable the RouteD daemon.

C. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, the POWER Hypervisor component is required. The Shared

Ethernet Adapter also requires systems to have a dedicated physical I/O slot and a physical

network adapter in each client partition.

D. The Shared Ethernet Adapter service runs in the Virtual IO Server and acts as a layer 2

switch. The Virtual IO Server has to be configured with at least one physical Ethernet adapter.

There are no device drivers for Virtual Ethernet at AIX 5.2.

Answer: D


A customer needs message privacy and message integrity on a given transaction, and prefers the use of

WS-Policy. WebSphere DataPower must receive a username from each user, but no authentication is

required. In order to implement this without additional custom work, the solution implementer can:

A. use WS-Policy with UsernameToken, Encryption and Signature enforced.

B. use WS-Policy with Encryption, Signature and pass the username in the message body.

C. use an Encrypt and Sign Action in the request, followed by a Decrypt and Verify Action in the response.

D. use a basic authentication header, then use the default encryption and signature inherent in the WS-


Correct Answer: A


A developer previewing a Worklight application for an Android device in the Mobile Browser Simulator now

wants to preview the application for an iOS device. Is it possible to preview the application for both devices

on a same page of the Mobile Browser Simulator?

A. No because the developer can view only one device at a time.

B. Yes by clicking the Add Device button to select another device.

C. Yes by enabling the User Agent switching to select another device.


Yes by adding another device in the Device section of the Cordova API plugin.

Correct Answer: B


An enterprise-wide web service uses the getOrderDetails API to return only the order status to

other systems within the organization. This service is used by the contact center for customer

sales orders as well as the merchandizing department for supplier purchase orders. The customer

service department has issued a request to also return the ship node from which the customer

sales order will be shipped out from in addition to the order status. How can this be most

effectively accomplished?

A. Along with getOrderDetails API, getShipNodeList API needs to be invoked to return the

ShipNode attribute for the Sales Order document type.

B. A composite web service using a custom API that would append the ship node to the result of

the existing web service should be defined.

C. The additional attribute “Ship Node” can be added to the API template of the getOrderDetails

API for only the Sales Order document type.

D. Since the web service is a common service for both Sales Order and Purchase Order, the only

way is to create a new web service to return theadditional attributes.

Answer: C