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When recording a test, how should you pace the test?

A. record the test slowly, allowing all pages to load completely so that all elements are fully loaded

before proceeding to another page

B. record the test using your normal pace

C. record the test quickly, as pages do not need to load completely for the recording

D. record the test with varying paces to simulate the behavior of various types of users

Answer: A


A validating parser is used in order to:

A. Establish values for defaulted attributes.

B. De-reference Namespaces.

C. Validate CDATA sections.

D. Validate datatypes.

Answer: A, D


How would a null value for an element


A company is experiencing a problem where all but one client node can connect to the server.

What is the problem and how can it be corrected?

A. The node definition on the server changed. Issue the UPDATE CLIENT command.

B. The node is not properly licensed. Apply the client license and restart the scheduler.

C. The node has been locked. Issue thecommmand QUERY NODE then UNLOCK


D. The node has been disabled. Issue the command QUERY NODE then ENABLE


Answer: C


An administrator plans to implement Active Memory Expansion on several LPARs on a Power 770 system.

Which tool should be used to determine the recommended LPAR settings for Active Memory Expansion?

A. amepat

B. amelpar

C. amemon

D. amestat

Correct Answer: A