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An AIX LPAR has a disk drive known as hdisk17. The administrator would like to change the name of the

disk to redolog0. Which command will achieve this?

A. rendev -l hdisk17 -n redolog0

B. mv /dev/hdisk17 /dev/redolog0

C. chdsk -dev hdisk17 -id redolog0

D. chdev -l hdisk17 -a name=redolog0

Correct Answer: A


The solution implementer is configuring a multi-protocol gateway service to parse the following


What request type should the solution implementer choose?




D. Pass through

Answer: B



A coach view was created for a company that displays an image. Within the coach view, the stock

Image coach view is used and its binding is a managed asset web file. The company has

requested that this coach view be able to display different managed asset web files based on user

feedback. Assuming that client side JavaScript will be used within the coach view\’s change event

handler and that the asset name is stored in a variable named companyImage, which code

fragment will retrieve the URL of a managed asset?

A. this.context.get(companyImage, “WEB”)

B. this.context.options.get(companyImage, “WEB”)

C. tw.system.model.findManagedFileByPath(companyImage, TWManagedFile.Types.Web )

D. com_ibm_bpm_coach.getManagedAssetUrl(companyImage,


Answer: D


A number of POWER7 servers have been ordered to replace an existing infrastructure of POWER4

machines. All existing LPARs will be manually recreated on the new machines, preserving the installed

operating systems.

An administrator is planning to attach the POWER7 machines to the subnet, allowing the LPARs to keep

their hostname and IP addresses. The NIM server that will be used to restore the LPARs on the new

machines allows its clients it initiate NIM client commands. What needs to be considered to preserve the

ability to restore an existing LPAR on the new infrastructure?

A. LPAR profiles need to be consistent between old and new infrastructure.

B. The POWER7 machines will be managed by a different HMC.

C. NIM client CPU ID validation should be disabled before installation on the new hardware.

D. Prior to migrating to POWER7, the AIX levels of the existing LPARs may need to be updated.

Correct Answer: C


Which two are valid Worklight V5.0 packages? (Choose two.)

A. IBM Worklight Consumer Edition

B. IBM Mobile Foundation Enterprise Edition — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

C. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition

D. IBM Worklight Business to Consumer Edition

E. IBM EndPoint Manager for Mobile Devices Edition

Correct Answer: AB