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Which statement describes what happens when Runtime Column Propagation is disabled for a

parallel job?

A. An input column value flows into a target column only if it matches it by name.

B. An input column value flows into a target column only if it is explicitly mapped to it.

C. You must set APT_AUTO_MAP project environment to true to allow output link mapping to


D. An input column value flows into a target column based on its position in the input row. For

example, first column in the input row goes into the

first target column.

Answer: B



To optimize performance on an IBM System Storage DS8000, the input/output activity should be spread

across .

A. multiple LUNs in a single array

B. multiple switches

C. multiple host bus adapters

D. multiple internal servers

Correct Answer: C


You are responsible for deploying objects into your customers production environment. To ensure

the stability of the production system the customer does not permit compilers on production

machines. They have also protected the project and only development machines have the

required compiler. What option will enable jobs with a parallel transformer to execute in the

customers production machines?

A. Add $APT_COMPILE_OPT=-portable


C. Use protected projects in the production environment.

D. Create a package with Information Server Manager and select the option to include


Answer: D



A Worklight application does not need to connect to a server on startup. However, when previewing the

application on the device emulator, it is throwing a server connection error on start up. What is the

consequence if the connection error is resolved using the WL.Client.init({connectOnStartup:false}) API to

disable the connection to the server on application startup?

A. The application will not be able to subsequently connect to the server.

B. Server features other than the Remote Disable or Direct Update will be disabled.


Any server features the application uses will only be available when it connects to the server.


There will be no potential consequences as the runtime will safely disable server connectivity errors.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is a valid statement concerning the WebSphere V6 High Availability

Manager ?

A. The HA Manager enhances the availability of WebSphere singleton services like transaction

services, JMS Message services, and Service integration Bus services.

B. The HA Manager runs as an enterprise application within each application server process that

monitors the “health” of WebSphere clusters.

C. In the event of a server failure, the HA Manager could failover the transaction service which

could recover in-flight transactions.

D. The HA Manager leverages latest storage technologies to provide fast recovery time of both

single and two-phase transactions

Answer: C