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Companycom has been performing scheduled backups of their data to tape using “tar” in a script

for over one year with no problems. Recently, the tar command is returning a non zero return

code during the backup phase, causing the script to fail. What is the primary cause of this


A. The files have grown to over eight gigabytes in size

B. The file systems are corrupt, and fsck should be run

C. The tape block size has been changed from the default

D. The user\’s limit has been changed to less than eight gigabytes

Answer: A


The owner of node A data, which was backed up daily with the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

scheduler, allows the TSM administrator to restore a specific file on another system. What are two

ways to do this? (Choose two.)

A. Open the Backup-Archive client GUI with the -virtualnode option, choose restore, and select the

file to be restored.

B. Open the Backup-Archive client command line interface and allow access to a specific file with

the set access command.

C. The owner of node A tells the TSM administrator the password of the node so that the web

client can be used to restore the specific file.

D. Open the Backup-Archive client GUI with the node name of the restoring node, select Utilities,

access another node, and pick the file to be restored.

E. Open the Backup-Archive client GUI and select Utilities, Node Access List, and grant

permission to the specific file and the node from where the data will be restored.

Answer: B,E


A retailer wants to implement custom logic to detect fraud orders. The fraud component must also

be exposed as an enterprise-wide web service that will be used by other internal systems. Which

approach should be used to satisfy this requirement?

A. Since custom APIs cannot be exposed as a web service, the fraud detection logic should be

implemented in an external system.

B. The fraud detection logic should be written as a custom API in the Service Definition

Framework, which can then be exposed as a web service.

C. Since fraud detection is a common requirement across all retailers, an enhancement request

must be filed with Product Management to include the logic in the base product.

D. The fraud detection logic should be written as a custom transaction and included in the sales

order pipeline. The out-of-the-box checkOrderForFraud API can then be exposed as a web


Answer: B



A developer needs to debug an adapter procedure with the Invoke Worklight Procedure tool. What is

required to debug the procedure?

A. connectivity to the adapter\’s backend source

B. a running Jetty server to invoke the procedure

C. a filtered.xsl file to transform the response from the backend

D. an application connected to the adapter to view the invocation results

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Correct Answer: A


When trying to suspend an LPAR, the process fails during the validation stage. Which of the following must

also be correctly configured in order for this process to successfully complete?

A. Reserved Storage Device Pool

B. Dual VIO servers

C. PowerVM Express Edition

D. N_Port ID Virtualization

Correct Answer: A