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A system administrator notices that web requests are falling on a particular application server

which has already started. Which log files should be reviewed for application server errors?

A. SystemErr.log.SystemOut.log

B. startServer.log. stopServer.log.System Err.log.SystemOu.log

C. SystemOut.log

D. SystemErr.log

Answer: A


A developer is invoking WL.Client.invokeProcedure(invocationData, options), using the options object and

callback functions that are shown below.

Which two statements describe the outcome of this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The invocationContext will be returned to the success and failure handlers.

B. The function failure will be invoked on client-side errors, however, not invoked on server-side errors.

C. The data returned by the invoked procedure is saved on response.invocationResult in the case of a

successful call.

D. The data returned by the invoked procedure is saved on response.invocationContext in the case of a

successful call.

E. The data returned by the invoked procedure is saved on response.invocationResult in the case of an

unsuccessful call.

Correct Answer: AC


Which of following security capabilities are part of the Cloud Governance/Management macro-

pattern of the Cloud Enabled Data Center adoption pattern?

A. Identity management

B. Log management

C. Patch management and security compliance

D. Security and intrusion prevention

Answer: C


An administrator has a requirement to back up a VIO server (VIOS) so that it can be rebuilt in the event of

a disaster. Which set of actions will achieve this requirement?

A. Backup all non rootvg volume groups using savevg. Backup all Storage Pool Information. Run a

mksysb of the system.

B. Save “Upgrade Data” on the HMC. Backup all non rootvg volume groups using savevg. Run a mksysb

of the VIOS with the -U flag.

C. Backup non rootvg structures using savevgstruct. Capture virtual mappings to a file using viosbr.

Run a backupios

D. Capture the virtual network tuning to a file using the optimizenet command. Capture all virtual device

attributes to a file using the lsattr command. Run a backupios.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator maintains a IBM i 6.1 development system with weekly PTF updates so the current cumulative, appropriate groups and current HIPER PTEs are always present for testing.

An upgrade to IBM i 7.1 is planned for the system.

What is critical for making certain that current fixes will also be present on the new release?

A. The PTF cross-reference PSP document

B. The Cumulative PTE contents PSP document

C. The IBM i Upgrade and Corrections PSP document

D. The IBM i Memo to Users Corrections PSP document

Correct Answer: A QUESTION NO:129

An administrator needs to change the IP address used for the Operations Console LAN connection to the Power 720 50 that it resides on the main network.

What must the administrator do to complete this task?

A. Enable console takeover and recovery as the connection now goes through a network switch.

B. Access the control panel with function 65-21 and reset the console device discovery sequence.

C. Reset the console device ID, change the adapter address and recreate the Operations Console connection.

D. Reconfigure the connection in Operations Console with a new registered DNS name that points to the new IP address.

Correct Answer: C


While testing the HTTP Session affinity behavior of a WebSphere cluster, the system

administrator noticed that there were two versions of the plugin-cfg.xml file used:

Version #1: plugin-cfg.xml

Version #2: plugin-cfg.xml

What would be the expected behavioral differences between the two versions of the WebSphere

plugin configuration file in terms of honoring HTTP session addinity?

A. version#1 supports HTTP Session affinity

B. version#1 and version#2 both support session affinity

C. version#2 supports HTTP session affinity

D. Version#1 and version #2 do not support HTTP session affinity

Answer: A


When defining a device class, which parameter is used to specify the estimated capacity for a tape






Answer: B


A customer has one IBM System Storage DS8300 in their main data center with one IBM DS6800 at their

Disaster Recovery (DR) site. They are using the Remote Mirror and Copy (RMC) feature between the

sites. They utilize Tivoli Storage Manager for backups. They would like to replace a Microsoft Windows

server at the main site with a server at the DR site with a minimal amount of downtime. Which method will

achieve their goals?

A. locate the Tivoli Storage Manager data set for the server at the DR site, do a full backup, recover the

data to the DS6800, and make the data availableto the server B. create RMC relationships for all of the

data on the server to the DS6800, shut down the server, and make the data available to the new server


shut down the server,create RMC relationships for all of the data on the server to the DS6800, and

make the data available to the new server


recover the TSM backups to the DS6800 at the remote site, and make the data available to the new

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Correct Answer: B


A company has acquired another company and is consolidating data centers. During the consolidation,

half of the users of a business critical application lost access. The users who maintained access

experienced slow performance. What is the first action the SAN/storage administrator should take to

determine the source of the problem?

A. review SAN configuration, connectivity, and zoning

B. review application parameters for contention or tuning problems

C. use internal disk monitoring tools to determine the problem source

D. check the disk parameters in the OS setup on the systems

Correct Answer: A