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A customer is in the process of configuring a redundant pair of VIO Servers. They need to test that SEA

failover has been correctly enabled.

Which command can the padmin UserID use to verify which SEA is currently the primary interface?

A. entstat

B. fcstat

C. seastat

D. vasistat

Correct Answer: A


What is saved with the SAVSYSINF command?

A. All security\’ data, PTF status, and configuration objects

B. A subset of the SAVSYS command including PTFs applied since the last SAVSYS

C. Network attributes, IP configuration, hosts table, routes, and line descriptions

D. System values, network attributes, IPL attributes, job schedule entries, and cleanup settings

Correct Answer: B


An administrator needs to access an IBM i console remotely through the HMC. To which P address should the administrator telnet, using port 2300, to get console access?

A. To the IP address of the FSP

B. To the IP address of the HMC

C. Over SSH to the HMC and then select the 5250 option

D. To the Service Tools P address of the IBM i partition

Correct Answer: B


Where in the administrator console can the log detail levels be changed?

A. Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace

B. System administration -> Console settings -> Preferences

C. Environment -> WebSphere Variable

D. System administration -> Console settings -> Logging

Answer: A


A system administrator has just installed the WebSphere Application Server. The system

administrator is interested in turning on global security in order to protect the environment. By

enabling global security, all of the following security features will be activated EXCEPT:

A. Common Secure interoperability Version 2 (CSIV2)

B. Authentication to the administrative console

C. SSL between the plug-in and the embedded Web server

D. J2EE security

Answer: C