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Consider the following scenario:

A company needs to display employee contact information in its intranet. The information is

available in XML Format from an XML-aware employee database. It is required that the top of

document should contain an index of employee names, so that clicking on an employee name will

display the employee


What is the minimum amount of RAM recommended for an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server

using deduplication on a 64 bit Windows server?

A. 4 GB

B. 8 GB

C. 12 GB

D. 16 GB

Answer: D


An administrator with an HMC managed POWER7 system needs to perform a concurrent update to server firmware. Which co-requisites and/or prerequisites should the administrator consider as part of the planning process?

A. Available flash storage on the system FSP

B. IBM i, Licensed Internal Code PTE5, and HMC code level

C. Ability\’ of the HMC to attach to the Internet and the IBM Support ETP site for the download

D. Service window to place the system partitions into restricted state and perform a platform IPL

Correct Answer: B


Using a disaster recovery facility, an administrator has just completed the successful recovery test of a production IBM i 7.1 LPAR with only *SYSBAS. Before leaving the facility, the administrator needs to prepare the partition for the next recovery test.

Which action will support this requirement?

A. On the recovery partition command line: PWRDWNSYS OPTION(*IMMED) RESTART(*INZ) ENDSBSOPT (*NOJOBLOG)

B. On the recovery LPAR: start dedicated service tools (STRDST). On the main menu select the option to work with disk data, then select the option to initialize the system.

C. On the recovery LPAR: initiate a “D Manual” IPL with the IBM i 7.1 I_Base DVD loaded. When prompted, select the option to “Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize System”.

D. Press and hold the power button on the front of the CEC. After approximately 10 seconds, from the menu displayed on the console, select the option to “Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize System”.

Correct Answer: C


A Power Systems server has two HMCs connected to its Flexible Service Processor (FSP). It is decided to

upgrade one of them to a later hardware version. The 7042-CR3 is disconnected and the new 7042- CR6

is connected in its place. The new HMC successfully discovers the managed server but some operations

including DLPAR are failing.

Which action will allow the managed server and HMC to establish new RMC configurations?

A. Run “/usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/recfgct” in each LPAR.

B. Run “refresh -s IBM DRM” in each LPAR

C. Use the “Reset Or Remove Connection” panel on the HMC.

D. Reset the RMC connection in the Console menu option in ASMI

Correct Answer: A