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An application has been developed using just the IBM Process Designer and has been

successfully deployed to a running Process Server. The application has started. Users are now

attempting to use the deployed application and are experiencing issues with the running

processes. They are reporting that they cannot see the processes they want to use. What tool

should the deployment professional use to diagnose the issue?

A. Process Portal

B. Failed Event Manager

C. Common Base Event Browser

D. Business Process Choreographer (BPC) Explorer

Answer: A



A deployment professional has been tasked with performing a typical IBM Business Process

Manager Advanced installation with all of the latest fixes for a proof of concept. The installation is

to be performed on a 64-bit Linux system using the Oracle database. The environment used for

the installation is on an isolated network with no internet connectivity. What task should the

deployment professional perform to ensure a successful installation?

A. Pre-create the needed database.

B. Ensure the 32-bit version of the product is used.

C. Prepare multiple machines for the clustered environment.

D. Verify the Installation Manager search service repositories option during install and update is


Answer: A



While creating a process instance, the deployment professional faces an issue in that the new

instance is not getting created whereas existing instances are working fine. Why is the new

process instance is not getting created? The snapshot:

A. stopped using Stop Application in the Process Admin console.

B. stopped using Stop Application in the Process Server Admin console.

C. is deactivated using Deactivate Application in the Process Admin console.

D. is deactivated using Deactivate Application in the Process Server Admin console.

Answer: C



A deployment professional is implementing a remote messaging, remote support and web

topology, with three nodes (Node01, Node02 and Node03). Each node has a cluster member for

each deployment environment cluster. The client expects to have extensive message traffic and

this situation could become a bottleneck. What should the deployment professional do to prevent

this problem?

A. Add more members to a messaging cluster.

B. Add more clusters to the deployment environment.

C. Balance the workload using edge components.

D. Distribute the active messaging engines across cluster members.

Answer: D



A deployment professional has to apply interim fixes to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

V7.5.1. The server where the fixes must be applied does not have an internet connection. All the

fixes were downloaded to a local directory. What is the next step the deployment professional

must do to apply the fixes?

A. Modify the repository.config file to point to each fix.

B. Apply each fix detected in the directory using the “Install” wizard.

C. Copy the fixes to a maintenance directory and point to this directory.

D. Use the Installation Manager to add a repository for each fix to be applied.

Answer: D



A deployment professional has successfully completed an installation of IBM Business Process

Manager Advanced V7.5.1 and has verified that the Process Center has started and is ready for

use by a development team. Several developers now need to begin development of a process

flow using the IBM Process Designer tool, and have provided the deployment professional with

access to their development machines. How should the deployment professional proceed to begin

installation of the IBM Process Designer tool for the developers?

A. Use IBM Installation Manager to install the IBM Process Designer.

B. Download the IBM Process Designer from the IBM Support website.

C. Install IBM Integration Designer which includes the IBM Process Designer.

D. Connect to the Process Center in a browser, and click the IBM Process Designer Download


Answer: D



A deployment professional needs to install a snapshot to an offline server. The deployment

professional built the package and is ready for installation. What should the deployment

professional run next to complete the deployment?

A. serviceDeploy and retrieveProcessAppPackage.

B. retrieveProcessAppPackage and installProcessAppPackage

C. serviceDeploy, retrieveProcessAppPackage, and installProcessAppPackage

D. retrieveProcessAppPackage, serviceDeploy, and installProcessAppPackage

Answer: B



A company wants to explore monitoring of events in their environment. A deployment professional

has been asked to install and configure CEI in a testing environment using the default settings.

The Common Base Event browser is to be used to examine events emitted by the system.

However, currently no events appear in the Common Base Event browser. What could be the

cause of this problem?

A. Security has not been configured for the CEI bus.

B. The enable event data store option was not selected.

C. The enable event distribution option was not selected.

D. Only dynamically generated events has been enabled.

Answer: B



A developer created a business process application for a production environment. However, a

deployment professional is asked to deploy the business process application first in a testing

environment. The application is to be tested by a number of business users on the testing team.

Due to this, there are multiple roles involved in executing the business process while testing. What

should the deployment professional do to ensure that all roles are created?

A. Set environment variables.

B. Establish runtime participants group.

C. Control exposed processes and services.

D. Add users in a read/write groups in the application.

Answer: B



A deployment professional has deployed many applications accessing the same backend

services. Many of the applications share the same business objects. The memory and database

connections usage has dramatically increased over the last several deployments and will prevent

new application deployments using the same business objects in the same environment. What

should the deployment professional do without impacting solution performance?

A. Ask the development team to persist the shared objects in a database to be retrieved at


B. Ask the development team to provide a single module that includes all business objects to be


C. Ask the development team to identify common artifacts used by the application, as a shared

library can be deployed independently and referenced by the applications.

D. Deploy a new application and reference the libraries of other applications with the needed

business objects as a shared library.

Answer: C


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