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A retailer recently upgraded their IBM Sterling Order Management from an older version to 9.1.

While verifying the installation after the upgrade was completed, the resource manager found that

the APIs were not returning data from the extended columns of product tables. The release

manager believes the root cause to be a defective build process. Which aspect of the build

process was defective?

A. The build process was not using the correct version of the JVM to compile the custom classes.

B. There is nothing wrong with the build process. Data from extended columns will not be carried

over as part of an upgrade.

C. In order to view data from extended columns, custom classes following the “data access object”

pattern have to be written and compiled as part of the build process.

D. The database extension xml was not present in the correct folder and hence the build process

was not including it and did not detect any of the database extensions.

Answer: D



A multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service is configured to convert an XML message to a non-XML

message for the backend service. The processing policy needs to transform the request to a non-

XML message using a WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) map and route the message

to the backend service. What transform-type action does the solution implementer configure in the

processing policy to satisfy this requirement?

A. Transform (xform)

B. Transform binary (xformbin)

C. Conformance transform (conformance-xform)

D. Processing instruction-based transform (xformpi)

Answer: B



If there is an error created by reading or writing data from a device attached to a Windows system,

what should be checked for information?

A. errpt

B. syslog

C. event log

D. error report

Answer: C


What is the purpose of enhancing schedules?

A. to increase the performance of the test

B. to emulate workload analysis as closely as possible

C. to create a group of tests to run

D. to determine the best time to run a test

Answer: B


A customer needs message privacy and message integrity on a given transaction, and prefers the use of

WS-Policy. WebSphere DataPower must receive a username from each user, but no authentication is

required. In order to implement this without additional custom work, the solution implementer can:

A. use WS-Policy with UsernameToken, Encryption and Signature enforced.

B. use WS-Policy with Encryption, Signature and pass the username in the message body.

C. use an Encrypt and Sign Action in the request, followed by a Decrypt and Verify Action in the response.

D. use a basic authentication header, then use the default encryption and signature inherent in the WS-


Correct Answer: A