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During a full system restore the sign on screen is displayed before the restore completes. Which system value is the most likely cause?

A. Restore Abend action (QRSTABD) is set to *SlGNON.

B. Allow Object Restore (QALWOBJRST) is NOT set to *All.

C. Verify Object Restore (QVFYOBJRST) is set to 3 or higher.

D. Job message queue full action (QJOBMSGQFL) is set to *NOWRAP.

Correct Answer: D


Consider the following extract from the command Ismap -all -npiv -fmt:

vfchost0:U9119.FHA.44ABCDE-V2-C642:47:: :NOT_LOGGED_IN;fcs2:U5803.001.9112345-P2- C7T1:


vfchost1:U9119.FHA44ABCDE-V2-C643:48:lpar02AIX:LOGGED_IN:fcs2:U5803.001.9112345-P2- C7

T1:5:a:fcsO:U9119.FHA 44ABCDE-V48-C8-T1

From this information which of the following statements is true?

A. Virtual adapter vfchost1 is providing rootvg to the client LPAR.

B. Virtual adapter vfchost0 tried an invalid path to the SAN.

C. Virtual adapter vfchost1 is associated with adapterfcs0 on Ipar02.

D. Virtual adapter vfchost0 is pointing to client LPAR id 47.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is creating several LPARs on a new Power Systems server. The administrator knows that

Live Partition Mobility (LPM) will be used to distribute the workload between this new machine and several

others in the environment. In addition to ensuring all storage is allocated through Virtual IO servers, what

else must the administrator take into consideration when creating the new LPARs?

A. LPAR names in the environment must be unique.

B. Redundant error path reporting must be configured.

C. Only LPARs belonging to the same workload group can be moved between servers.

D. The Virtual IO server code level must be the same across all servers.

Correct Answer: A


Which journaling capability was added in IBM i 7.1?

A. End journaling can be done while a journaled file is in use.

B. Journals larger than 1TB can have remote journals attached to them while in use.

C. Remote journals are automatically compared and verified during suspend and resume operations.

D. When starting journaling of the physical file, all logical files will automatically have their access paths set for SQL optimization.

Correct Answer: A


An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) server has been built with two network interface

cards, two processors, two dual port host bus adapters (HBA), an external disk array, and a fibre

channel attached library. During a test it is noted that each HBA is connected to both the disk

array and the library. What would be the result of this configuration?

A. tape and disk performance could be impacted

B. tape and disk read and writes will achieve parity

C. performance will be improved by sharing an HBA

D. connecting both media to each HBA allows local failover

Answer: A