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Question 1:

Which activity is performed by the switch when Dynamic ARP inspection is configured?

A. It intercepts all ARP requests and responses on untrusted ports.

B. It forwards ARP packets that it receives on trusted ports, nust still checks them.

C. It drops ARP packets for MAC addresses that are not present in the DHCP snooping database table.

D. It bypasses all validation checks for MAC addresses that are present in the DHCP snooping database table.

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

A security engineer must evaluate Cisco Security Manager. Which two options are benefits of using Cisco Security Manager to manage security? (Choose two)

A. Configuration of access control plane policies on multiple Cisco ASA firewalls at once

B. automatic software upgrades on multiple firewall devices

C. ability to console into each firewall from centralized management

D. configuration of ACLs on multiple Cisco VSG firewalls at once

E. configuraion of IPS signatures on multiple Firepower sensors at once

Correct Answer: BE

Question 3:

What are mandatory policies needed to support IPSec VPN in CSM environment? (Choose two)

A. IKE Proposal

B. Group encryption

C. IPSec Proposal

D. GRE modes

E. Server load balance

Correct Answer: AC

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) is a key management protocol that is used to authenticate IPsec peers, negotiate and distribute IPsec encryption keys, and to automatically establish IPsec security associations (SAs). The IKE negotiation

comprises two phases. Phase 1 negotiates a security association between two IKE peers, which enables the peers to communicate securely in Phase 2. During Phase 2 negotiation, IKE establishes SAs for other applications, such as IPsec.

Both phases use proposals when they negotiate a connection.

An IKE proposal is a set of algorithms that two peers use to secure the IKE negotiation between them.

IKE negotiation begins by each peer agreeing on a common (shared) IKE policy. This policy states which security parameters will be used to protect subsequent IKE negotiations. For IKE version 1 (IKEv1), IKE proposals contain a single set

of algorithms and a modulus group. You can create multiple, prioritized policies at each peer to ensure that at least one policy matches a remote peer\’s policy. Unlike IKEv1, in an IKEv2 proposal, you can select multiple algorithms and

modulus groups from which peers can choose during the Phase 1 negotiation, potentially making it possible to create a single IKE proposal (although you might want different proposals to give higher priority to your most desired options). You

can define several IKE proposals per VPN.

An IPsec proposal is used in Phase 2 of an IKE negotiation. The specific content of the proposal varies according to topology type (site-to-site or remote access) and device type, although the proposals are broadly similar and contain many of

the same elements, such as IPsec transform sets.

Question 4:

Which FW mode which will keep high throughput and will make a fast and flexible deployment?

A. single mode, routed context

B. multimode, routed context

C. single mode, transparent context

D. multimode, transparent context

Correct Answer: D

Transparent mode – fast deployment (it doesn\’t appear as hop in network).

Multimode – multiple contexts enable active/active failover – availability is increased because there can be two active contexts (one ASA can be active for first context while the second ASA can be active for second context).

Question 5:

You are going to add ASA to CSM (Cisco Security Manager). Which port on ASA must be reachable for CSM to succeed?

A. 21

B. 22

C. 80

D. 443

Correct Answer: D

Security Manager can use these transport protocols:

SSL (HTTPS)–Secure Socket Layer, which is an HTTPS connection, is the only transport protocol used with PIX Firewalls, Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA), and Firewall Services Modules (FWSM). It is also the default protocol for IPS

devices and for routers running Cisco IOS Software release 12.3 or higher.

If you use SSL as the transport protocol on Cisco IOS routers, you must also configure SSH on the routers. Security Manager uses SSH connections to handle interactive command deployments during SSL deployments. Cisco Security

Manager was using OpenSSL for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols. Beginning with version 4.13, Cisco Security Manager replaced OpenSSL version 1.0.2 with Cisco SSL version 6.x. Cisco SSL

enables FIPS compliance over full FIPS Validation which results in fast and cost-effective connectivity. The Common Criteria mode in Cisco SSL allows easier compliance. Cisco SSL is feature-forward when compared to OpenSSL. The

product Security Baseline (PSB) requirements for Cisco SSL ensures important security aspects such as credential and key management, cryptography standards, antispoofing capabilities, integrity and tamper protection, and session, data,

and stream management and administration are taken care of.

SSH–Secure Shell is the default transport protocol for Catalyst switches and Catalyst 6500/7600 devices. You can also use it with Cisco IOS routers.

Telnet–Telnet is the default protocol for routers running Cisco IOS software releases 12.1 and

12.2. You can also use it with Catalyst switches, Catalyst 6500/7600 devices, and routers running Cisco IOS Software release 12.3 and higher. See the Cisco IOS software documentation for configuring Telnet.

HTTP–You can use HTTP instead of HTTPS (SSL) with IPS devices. HTTP is not the default protocol for any device type.

TMS–Token Management Server is treated like a transport protocol in Security Manager, but it is not a real transport protocol. Instead, by configuring TMS as the transport protocol of a router, you are telling Security Manager to deploy

configurations to a TMS. From the TMS, you can download the configuration to an eToken, plug the eToken into the router\’s USB bus, and update the configuration. TMS is available only for certain routers running Cisco IOS Software 12.3 or


Security Manager can also use indirect methods to deploy configurations to devices, staging the configuration on a server that manages the deployment to the devices. These indirect methods also allow you to use dynamic IP addresses on

your devices. The methods are not treated as transport protocols, but as adjuncts to the transport protocol for the device. You can use these indirect methods:

AUS (Auto Update Server)–When you add a device to Security Manager, you can select the AUS server that is managing it. You can use AUS with PIX Firewalls and ASA devices.

Configuration Engine–When you add a router to Security Manager, you can select the Configuration Engine that is managing it.

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Question 6:

An SNMP host is an IP address to which SNMP notifications and traps are sent. To configure SNMFV3 hosts, which option must you configure in addition to the target IP address?

A. the Cisco ASA as a DHCP server, so the SNMFV3 host can obtain an IP address

B. a username, because traps are only sent to a configured user

C. SSH, so the user can connect to the Cisco ASA

D. the Cisco ASA with a dedicated interface only for SNMP, to process the SNMP host traffic.

Correct Answer: B

The username can be seen here on the ASDM simulator screen shot:

Question 7:

A network engineer is asked to configure NetFlow to sample one of every 100 packets on a router\’s fa0/0 interface. Which configuration enables sampling, assuming that NetFlow is already configured and running on the router\’s fa0/0 interface?

A. flow-sampler-map flow1 mode random one-out-of 100 interface fas0/0 flow-sampler flow1

B. flow monitor flow1 mode random one-out-of 100 interface fas0/0 ip flow monitor flow1

C. flow-sampler-map flow1 one-out-of 100 interface fas0/0 flow-sampler flow1

D. ip flow-export source fas0/0 one-out-of 100

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

Which command sets the source IP address of the NetFlow exports of a device?

A. ip source flow-export

B. ip source netflow-export

C. ip flow-export source

D. ip netflow-export source

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

Which two features are supported when configuring clustering of multiple Cisco ASA appliances? (Choose two.)


B. dynamic routing

C. SSL remote access VPN

D. IPSec remote access VPN

Correct Answer: AB

Question 10:

A network engineer is troubleshooting and configures the ASA logging level to debugging. The logging-buffer is dominated by %ASA-6-305009 log messages. Which command suppresses those syslog messages while maintaining ability to troubleshoot?

A. no logging buffered 305009

B. message 305009 disable

C. no message 305009 logging

D. no logging message 305009

Correct Answer: D

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