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An operations team is reporting intermittent network connectivity problems between DataPower and a

specific backend IP address. Network firewalls are configured to allow traffic and there are no known

problems on the network. How can the solution implementer troubleshoot this behavior?

A. There is no network load balancer used behind DataPower. Install a network load balancer.

B. The backend system may be rejecting all TCP packets. Apply the latest fixpacks and restart the server.

C. A DNS host name may be used for connecting to the backend system. Intermittent errors could be

caused due to the DNS names not being resolved. Use a host alias instead.

D. Conflicting network routes in the appliance may have been defined which may be causing intermittent

network connections. Run “show route” command on the network and analyze the configuration.

Correct Answer: D


If a system administrator uses the Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor application servlets and

EJB\’s which of the following sets of metrics should be viewed in order to BEST evaluate the

performance of the application?

A. Average response time, heap size, garbage collection statistics

B. Average response time, number of requests/transactions, number of HTTP sessions

C. Average response time, heap size of datasource connection pool.

D. Number of transactions, size of datasource connection pool, CPU utilization

Answer: B


A solution implementer has created a Deployment Policy to scan through configuration objects

when they are imported and to remove any references to appliance specific settings such as the

Ethernet addresses. Which of the following Deployment Policy settings would provide this

functionality? (choose two)

A. A Filtered Configuration with a list of the objects that are to be included.

B. A Filtered Configuration with a list of the objects that are to be excluded.

C. A Rejected Configuration with a list of the objects that must be rejected during import.

D. A Modified Configuration with rules specifying Delete Configuration for the object references to

be removed on import.

E. An Accepted Configuration with a list of the correct values for the properties for any named

objects that will be updated during import.

Answer: B,D



Select the appropriate IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance based on the following requirements/

specified use case: ?Used only for development and test environments ?Runs under a VMware hypervisor

?Does not require Hardware Security Module (HSM) support ?Does not require hardware acceleration

support for cryptographic operations

A. B2B Appliance XB62

B. Service Gateway Appliance XG45

C. Integration Appliance XI52

D. Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition

Correct Answer: D


A Worklight developer is having trouble with the XSL file that transforms the raw XML feed from a public

RSS server into JSON data to be consumed by a mobile application. What is the correct use of Worklight\’s

debugging features to resolve this problem?

A. Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Back-end Service tool to edit the XSL file based on the raw XML

and corresponding JSON data.

B. Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Procedure tool to retrieve the raw XML and corresponding JSON

data for comparison with the XSL file.


Use the adapter\’s Invoke Worklight Back-end Service and Invoke Worklight Procedure tools to

compare the raw XML andcorresponding JSON data.

D. Use the adapter\’s Deploy Worklight Adapter option to deploy the adapter into the Worklight Console,

then use the Console\’s Previewfeature to debug the adapter.

Correct Answer: A