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A new sales user attempts to sign on to the system. The user is immediately signed oft. The users job log

contains the message CPE981 0: Library SALESLIB not found.

All sales applications are located in the ASP named SALES.

Which parameter should the administrator set in the user profile to correct this error?





Correct Answer: A


An administrator is creating a WPAR with isolated file system spaces. Before creating the WPAR, what

should the administrator do?

A. Add the IP address of the new WPAR to the /etc/hosts file in the global environment

B. Ensure the bos.wpars fileset is installed on the system.

C. Add the /wparfilesystem to the global environment

D. Ensure the target disk for the WPAR is not in use.

Correct Answer: C


A system administrator has to determine the root cause of and decides to enable tracing

application server. How can the system administrator accomplish this task?

A. Inside the administrative console, click Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace and Select the

Runtime tab.

B. Inside the administrative console, click Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace ->server ->

Diagnostic Trace and select the Runtime tab.

C. Edit the tracLog properties file and restart the application server.

D. This is not possible. The trace configuration of a running application server cannot be


Answer: B


A user has accidentally deleted critical system files on an LPAR. Storage on the LPAR is provided using

both vSCSI and NPIV. The administrator is preparing to reinstall the LPAR, but has concerns about the

existing NPIV configuration. Which statement concerning WWPNs is correct?

A. During the reinstall of AIX, the HMC will assign new WWPNs to the adapters.

B. Assigned WWPNs are regenerated during a reinstall for boot devices, but preserved for secondary


C. Providing the configuration of the virtual Fibre Channel adapters remains unchanged in the LPAR

profile, the existing WWPNs are preserved.

D. The virtual_fc_adapters LPAR attribute must be verified prior to the reinstall and suitably updated to

preserve all existing WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C


A client is experiencing bottlenecks in their IT environment. Which of the following responses

address this issue?

A. Meet with Operations Manager

B. Perform Scorpion study

C. Meet with CFO

D. Perform CDAT study

Answer: A


A client has tried to update the firmware of an Ethernet adapter on a p5 590, however it

repeatedly fails. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The adapter must be taken offline prior to the firmware update

B. The adapter must be assigned to the service partition prior to the firmware update

C. The system has not been rebooted since the adapter was added to the Logical Partition

D. The adapter must be dynamically removed from the Logical Partition prior to the firmware


Answer: A


Which Worklight pre-defined authentication methods can be used to secure an application that does not

require the user to login interactively?

A. Form-based authentication

B. LDAP-based authentication


Header-based authentication

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Adapter-based authentication

Correct Answer: C


Companycom wants to manage multiple partitions for a p5 590 server using Partition Load

Manager (PLM). Some of the partitions are dedicated processors and some of them are shared

processors. What information about PLM limitations should be expressed to the customer?

A. All of the partitions can be managed in one group mixing dedicated and shared processors.

PLM will move resources in the group as setup in the PLM profiles.

B. PLM handles memory, dedicated and shared processor partitions. All the partitions in a group

must be of the same processor type. PLM moves I/O resources between partitions based on

PLM policy files.

C. PLM handles memory, dedicated and shared processor partitions. The policy file, once loaded,

is static and has no knowledge of workload on the managed partitions. PLM is supported for

partitions that are running AIX 5.2 or i5OS.

D. All of the partitions in a group must be the same type, either all dedicated processor partitions

or shared processor partitions. One PLM Server can manage multiple groups of partitions.

PLM does not move resources between groups.

Answer: D


When displaying native modal controls, the developer creates the following Worklight Common Control


Assuming that the functions dialogYes, dialogNo and dialogHelp are properly defined, what is expected to

happen when this snippet is executed on a real device?

A. The snippet will work as expected.

B. The snippet will fail because it is missing the mandatory options parameter.


The snippet will fail to execute because WL.SimpleDialog does not support 3 or more buttons.


The snippet will work on iOS and BlackBerry, but it will only show buttons Yes and No for Android and

Windows Phone 7 (Mango).

Correct Answer: A


Which object has the Routing Entry Compare Data that is used by the subsystem to route a job?

A. Class

B. Job Description

C. Routing Directory

D. Workstation Entries

Correct Answer: B