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Your company is planning to add new line cards to all the core routers in the network to manage

expected growth in network traffic. As part of the upgrade plan, new higher-capacity power

supplies are being deployed prior to adding the new line cards to the routers. These new power

supplies have voltage and temperature monitoring capability that the existing power supplies do

not. You are attending a meeting with the engineering team to discuss the plan and support the

development of the method of procedure to replace the power modules.

Which two areas regarding the plan to roll out the new power modules should be addressed?

(Choose two.)

A. SNMP MIB update

B. wiring to the fuse panel

C. fire resistance

D. EMI emission

E. heat dissipation

Answer: A,D



A rollout plan for a new version of Cisco IOS Software has been devised by the engineering team.

The plan calls for installing Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRD on all Cisco 7600 Series Routers in

the network. During the plan review with operations, what concerns should you raise about this

plan? (Choose two.)

A. the 7600 Series Routers that are in the network with Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor

Engine 1

B. the amount of memory installed on the line cards

C. the amount of empty flash memory space to hold the new image

D. the lack of time in the normal operations maintenance window to upgrade all routers

Answer: C,D



The service provider that you work for decided to offer its business customers a new, hosted

unified communications service. This service will allow the service provider to maintain in its data

centers all the call managers and related hardware and software so that businesses can outsource

this function to your company. Engineering has crafted a rollout plan for this new service. From the

NOC support perspective, what are the three main considerations to take into account to support

the new service? (Choose three.)

A. The SP data center has adequate power, heating, and cooling capacity.

B. The documentation is complete.

C. The network bandwidth to each customer site is sufficient.

D. The service desk has received proper training.

E. The troubleshooting procedures are established

Answer: B,D,E



According to ITIL. v3 framework, which type of warranty assurance provides a customer with a

measured confidence that services are available within defined geographical locations and

scheduled times?

A. availability

B. capacity

C. continuity

D. security

Answer: A



Refer to the exhibit. Refer to the topology diagram for a service provider that is offering L3VPN

services. PE1, PE2, PE3, and PE4 are provider edge routers that are connected to the core P

routers. They are learning VPNv4 prefixes from different sites. The MPLS core is LDP-enabled

and is running OSPF as an IGP. One of the P routers that is connected to PE1 and PE2 has an

LDP defect in which the LDP session periodically resets and then manages to recover on its own.

While the LDP session resets, an outage is observed on L3VPN traffic that needs LDP to maintain

a label-switched path.

While a software fix has been identified and is in the works, which MPLS or IGP feature will avoid

this problem?

A. LDP session protection

B. LDP auto discovery

C. LDP IGP sync


Answer: C



An ISP operates a network that provides VPN service to enterprise customers. The customer uses

an MPLS network that is designed with redundant equal cost paths in the core. An enterprise

customer reported an increased latency and drop rate for some traffic flows from site A to site B.

The enterprise customer is connected to PE-A at site A and PE-B at site B.

If the latency problem is caused by a congested link in the core along a path from site A to site B,

which of the following statements is correct?

A. Issuing a traceroute from PE-A to PE-B would definitely identify the congested link.

B. Checking the CPU utilization of the routers along the path of the traffic would help identify the

congested link.

C. Issuing a traceroute from PE-A to PE-B may not be able to identify the congested link, because

traffic from PE-A to PE-B uses multiple paths

D. Performing a sweep ping from PE-A to PE-B and from PE-B to PE-A with DF bit set would

definitely identify the congested link.

E. Issuing ping with record route and time stamp option from PE-A to PE-B and from PE-B to PE-A

would definitely identify the congested link.

Answer: E



What is the main difference between an SNMP trap and a syslog message?

A. SNMP traps are secure, whereas syslog messages are not.

B. SNMP traps are triggered during network outages, whereas syslog messages are informational


C. SNMP traps are forwarded to EMS systems, whereas syslog messages are forwarded to any

NMS system.

D. SNMP traps are formally defined in a MIB, whereas syslog body contents are not formally


E. SNMP traps are user-definable and vary based on vendor, whereas syslog messages are


Answer: D

Explanation: source: https://supportforums.cisco.com/message/3184632


You are working at a service provider NOC and have received a call from a customer who is

complaining about slow network throughput between several branch offices. After following normal

processes, you are unable to resolve the problem and must decide whether or not to escalate to

the next level of support. Which two pieces of information should you gather to describe the slow

throughput problem before escalating to the next level of support? (Choose two.)

A. list of procedures that you have already performed

B. number of offices that are impacted

C. reason(s) why the network is running slowly

D. times of the day that the network appears to be slow

Answer: A,D



According to ITIL. v3 framework, which type of service operational management process

monitors the network infrastructure to identify and escalate abnormal operational conditions?

A. problem management

B. incident management

C. event management

D. request fulfillment

Answer: C

Explanation: source: http://wiki.en.it-processmaps.com/index.php/Event_Management


You are working as a Tier 2 NOC employee at a service provider. The service provisioning team

has opened a trouble ticket indicating that their provisioning application is timing out while

provisioning new MPLS VPNs for a large customer. They believe it is a network problem because

not every site is experiencing the provisioning failure. No actual customers have reported any

network problems. Upon receiving the ticket in your work queue, you perform basic

troubleshooting steps and find that ping, traceroute, and Telnet work to all the sites. You begin to

doubt that the network is at fault.

Which two steps should you take before escalating to Tier 3? (Choose two.)

A. Suggest that the provisioning team reboot their servers.

B. Check for packet loss on the network path to the affected sites.

C. Review all network change requests that were submitted prior to the problem having started.

D. Verify that the ACLs are not preventing provisioning traffic

Answer: A,B


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