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An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 environment has Disaster Recovery Management configured

but the administrator wants to ensure that a server is recoverable. How can this be performed?

A. run Q DRMEDIA -verify

B. run Q DRMSTATUS -testplan

C. run Q DRM -offsiterecovery

D. perform a disaster recovery exercise at the disaster recovery site

Answer: D


A financial customer has three data centers that are four kilometers apart. Their SAP application data — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

needs to be kept synchronized within 10 milliseconds. Which solution satisfies the customer\’s recovery

time objective?

A. DS8700 systems at each site running Metro Mirror

B. DS8700 systems at each site running Global Mirror

C. DS5300 systems at each site running Global Mirror

D. XIV systems at each site running Remote Mirroring

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is upgrading 5 partitions on a single system to a new IBM i release.

The IBM i partitions share a tape library configured with one drive per partition. There is one DVD drive on the system shared by the all the partitions.

The maintenance window is long enough to upgrade at most one partition using DVD media. Which approach allows the administrator to complete all the upgrades within the maintenance window?

A. Build an image catalog with the distribution media, and copy to all partitions.Install each partition from its image catalog image.

B. Build an image catalog on a Linux PC, and share it with NES to all partitions.Concurrently update all the partitions using network install to the virtualized image catalog.

C. Build an image catalog with the distribution media on one partition.Save the directory with the DVD images to tapes so there is one tape for each partition. Use an alternate IPL device to install from the tapes.

D. Concurrently IPL all partitions in “D” mode to the DVD drive in shared mode.When all the partitions complete using one DVD and prompt for the next one, insert the next DVD in the drive and respond to the prompts.

Correct Answer: A


An audit requires a listing of programs that inherit authority greater than the authority of the submitting user. Which option in the Securely Tools menu will accomplish the task?

A. Option 21 – Adopting objects

B. Option 38- Object authority

C. Option 40 – Program authority

D. Option 42- User profile authority

Correct Answer: A


An IBM Business Partner suggests an IBM System Storage DS8000 to a customer with a SAN that is now

configured with an EMC Symmetrix subsystem disk. The customer wants to determine if new HBAs and

software upgrades are needed on the servers if the EMC storage is replaced by the DS8000 What

document must be carefully read to help address the customer\’s concerns?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000: Host Systems Attachment Guide

B. DS8000 Interoperability Matrix

C. IBM System Storage DS8000: Introduction and Planning Guide

D. IBM System Storage Solution Handbook

Correct Answer: B — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass