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A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8700 to support a high-performance database

environment. Which technical solution gives the customer the best relationship between I/O performance

at the machine\’s backend vs. capacity installed in the machine?

A. additional installation of the first and second expansion frame will increase the backend performance


B. the usage of 300 GB/15k FC disks will give the server a high-performance backend capability

C. performance Accelerator restricts the number of disks connected to one device adapter pair to 32 disks

D. the second RIO-G loop between the base frame and the first expansion increases the backend


Correct Answer: C


The administrator has been asked to install the latest system firmware on an HMC managed system. There is no service partition. The most recent cumulative PTF package and Group PTFs were installed, but the firmware did not get updated.

What is required to install the firmware on this system?

A. System Firmware must be installed from the HMC.

B. System Firmware must be installed from the ASMI interlace.

C. Perform a platform IPL and select the T side for the System Firmware.

D. Perform a platform IPL to complete the installation of the System Firmware.

Correct Answer: A


A manufacturing customer has an IBM BladeCenter H chassis with four, HX5 with MAX5 4socket

blades installed. Each blade has the optional Fibre Channel Expansion card. The customer wants

redundancy and is going to install the following configuration:

Two Brocade 20Port

SAN Switch Modules

Two Nortel Networks 1/10 GB Uplink ESM

A redundant AMM

What is the minimum number of power supplies needed for this configuration to have full


A. 4

B. 3

C. 2

D. 8

Answer: A


During a migration the system is mistakenly IPLed. The data migration is successfully resumed and completed.

When the administrator runs the RSTAUT command, no authorities are restored.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The RCLSTG command was not run before the data restore was resumed.

B. The storage management directory was overlayed as a result of the IPL.

C. The INZSYS command was not successfully run before restoring authorities.

D. The private authority table loaded by the RSTUSRPRF command was automatically deleted by the system IPL.

Correct Answer: D


When using XSLT, if expected items are missing in the output, what is the MOST likely cause?

A. The XPath expression in the select part of the tab is not formed


B. The XSLT processor is not properly configured.

C. The XML parser is not passing the entire XSLT style sheet to the XSLT processor.

D. The wrong XSLT style sheet is being used.

Answer: A