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Companycom informs the system administrator that there is concern about the Electronic Service

Agent and security. What can be said about Electronic Service Agent that will address concerns

about security?

A. All Service Agent transactions are inbound requests secured by encryption (cryptographic

processor card) Kerberos, and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

B. The ATandT Global Network Services (AGNS ) phone connection generates system IDs and

passwords for the client every six months. Service Agent has no inbound capability.

C. All Service Agent transactions are outbound requests secured by encryption (Hypertext

Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) or POST). Service Agent has no inbound capability.

D. The transmissions from Service Agent can be either by Internet or the ATandT Global Network

Services (AGNS) phone connection. Service Agent transactions are inbound requests

generated by a point to point connection.

Answer: C


What is a key differentiator between a DS8700 and DS8800 for a customer looking for a high capacity

solution at the lowest cost?

A. DS8700 supports SATA drives

B. DS8800 supports more physical drives

C. DS8700 supports 2.5″ disk drives

D. DS8800 supports 4Gbps FC drives

Correct Answer: A


Which is a benefit of using the IBM DS8000 FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE)?

A. FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) is much faster than the traditional DS8000 full-volume FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) also supports background copy


FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) is optimized for use in cases where a high percentage of the source volume

is updated during the life of the relationship


the additional capacity required forFlashCopy SE (PTC-SE) must only be planned for data which is

changed on the source volume during host I/O transaction

Correct Answer: D


An administrator has configured a system to provide resilient networking through the use of SEA failover.

The administrator wants to know if the SEA for one VIO server, ent10, is the active adapter.

Which of the following commands could the administrator use to determine the status of ent10?

A. . entstat-netent10

B. Ismap-net-devent10

C. seastat-liststatent10

D. netstat -cdlistats ent10

Correct Answer: D


A company with a large number of clients frequently runs out of available tape drives during

storage pool backups. How can they reduce the number of mount points used?

A. simultaneous storage pool backups

B. simultaneouswrite during migration

C. simultaneous storage pool expiration

D. simultaneouswrite during reclamation

Answer: B