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Who is responsible for the hardware and application costs in an Infrastructure as a Service public


A. The public cloud provider

B. The consumer ordering the service

C. The hardware vendor supplying the hosting infrastructure

D. The hardware costs are paid for by the public cloud provider and the application costs are paid

for by the consumer

Answer: D



The solution implementer needs to configure the DataPower appliance to restrict user account

access to specific domains. The solution implementer implements this requirement by configuring

the Domain Restriction section of the user account. During application execution, the configured

user account is able to access a domain that is configured as restricted (no access allowed by this

user). What should the solution implementer identify as a valid source of the problem?

A. An existing access policy or RBM policy can supersede the Domain Restriction list.

B. User access cannot be restricted to a specific domain in the user account configuration.

C. The user is a member of the \’root\’ user group.

D. The RBM system was not used to restrict access, which is the only way to meet the Domain

Restriction requirement.

Answer: A



Click the Exhibit button.

If the Cloud Governance Model included Highly Available Cloud Service in the Cloud Governance

by Objective layer (top), which three options would be included in the Cloud Architecture and

Integration Governance layer (middle)? (Choose three.)

A. The cloud service must include a disaster recovery plan.

B. The cloud service must be deployed to two geographically different data centers.

C.The cloud service network infrastructure must not have any single points of failure.

D. The top 10 vital cloud consumer business applications running in the cloud service must be

available 99.99% 24×7.

E. The cloud


The storage specialist sized a DS8800 proposal with eight host adapters in the four-port version. 240 drives

of the 146GB-15k rpm type will be installed. The proposal needs to meet a very competitive price. The

customer will have only minor capacity growth in the future. Which of the following solutions best meets

these requirements?

A. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in four-way processor version and standard cabling

B. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in two-way processor version and business class cabling

C. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in two-way processor version and standard cabling

D. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in four-way processor version and business class cabling

Correct Answer: A


A customer\’s SAN environment has undergone significant growth over the past two years. They have also

suffered a high turnover rate with administrative personnel. The customer has asked a storage specialist

for help in documenting and understanding their changing SAN environment. The ability to make

configuration changes to devices would be a plus. Which tool should the storage specialist suggest?

A. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Fabric Manager

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Basic Edition

C. IBM TivoliNetView


Disk Magic

Correct Answer: B