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What is required of all user profiles that use objects in an independent ASP?

A. Users must have authority to the ASP device description.

B. Users must be a member of the group profile that owns the ASP.

C. The ASP group name must be specified in the initial library list.

D. The users need to be part of the QASPGRP authorization list to allow access.

Correct Answer: A


A service needs to be configured on the DataPower appliance to allow a client to share access to

a private resource. This sharing must be done without the sharing of user credentials. A solution

implementer has decided to implement an OAuth solution for the customer. Which of the following

are available to the solution implementer to implement OAuth? (choose 3)

A. AAA action

B. SSL proxy profile

C. Web Token Service

D. 1-legged authentication

E. OAuth client and OAuth client group

F. OAuth open source DataPower plug-in

Answer: A,C,E



A company is receiving digitally signed SOAP/HTTPS messages to process payment transactions from its

business partner and verifies those messages using the Verify action. There is also a requirement to use

the signing certificate sent by the partner to encrypt the confidential response message from the company

back to the partner. To satisfy this requirement, the solution implementer creates an Encrypt action with

the \’Use Dynamically Configured Recipient Certificate\’ parameter to \’on\’. Which statement related to the

scenario above is false?

A. The certificate created in the \’Recipient Certificate\’ field takes precedence over the dynamic certificate

input option.

B. The encrypt action will use the certificate defined in the variable var://context/transaction/encryptingcert

to encrypt the message.

C. The dynamic certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message can be user-defined using the syntax


D. The public certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message will be automatically extracted from the

incoming signed message while the signature is verified in the Verify action.

Correct Answer: A


Where is the private cloud deployed?

A. Internally behind the enterprise


The following changes are made to a Worklight mobile application: 1.Web resources of version 1 (v1) are

updated and deployed to the Worklight Server. 2.A new version 2 (v2) is deployed with its updateSilently

property set to true. What will be the direct update user experience on a device running v1 of the

application when the user chooses to receive update?

A. v1 is uninstalled first followed by a silent installation of v2.

B. v1 web resources are updated first followed by a silent installation of v2.

C. v1 web resources are reloaded after the update and the application remains on v1.

D. The user is prompted to choose between updating v1 or installing v2 in the background.

Correct Answer: C