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Which two options are performance differences between Cisco UCS Invicta and PCIe flash memory?

(Choose two.)

A. Cisco UCS Invicta consumes much less power than PCIe flash memory.

B. Cisco UCS Invicta provides much better benefit at scale for system boot storms.

C. Cisco UCS Invicta provides much better reduction in system boot time.

D. Cisco UCS Invicta provides significantly better I/O latency.

E. Cisco UCS Invicta provides significantly more I/O acceleration.

Correct Answer: BC



Explanation: Those are the performance differences, in the other subjects stated above, both technologies

are very similar.


Which option is the approach used by the Solid State Systems Group in its labs?

A. S3G customizes the approach every time, so there is no framework leveraged in the approach.

B. Identify the business challenge, ask performance questions, build the environment, rethink and test,

analyze and report on results, summarize the away.

C. Gather specifications from competitors under consideration by customer, build out a custom report to

demonstrate the value of Cisco UCS Invicta over the competition.

D. Replicate the existing customer hardware environment, install the customer application, measure

performance, compare to Cisco UCS Invicta published specifications.

E. Identify need, identify timeframe, identify decision makers, and secure purchase commitment.

Correct Answer: B




Which two statements about the Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system nodes are true? (Choose two.)

A. Maximum raw capacity for a single node running in application acceleration mode is 240 TB

B. Maximum raw capacity for a single node running in application acceleration mode is 24 TB.

C. Single node supports either asynchronous replication or data reduction.

D. Single node supports asynchronous replication and data reduction simultaneously.

Correct Answer: BC



Reference: http://www.slideshare.net/CiscoPublicSector/ucs-invicta-presentation (slide 22)


Which three descriptions of the Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system router are true? (Choose three.)

A. Connects to scaling system nodes using AGP cables

B. Provides node management

C. Manages connectivity between hosts and scaling system nodes

D. Supports FCIP, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel

E. Configured using CiscoWorks

F. Supports combination of acceleration and data reduction nodes

Correct Answer: BCF



Explanation: Scaling System router provides hosts connectivity, node management and it does support

iSCSI and FibreChannel but not FcoE which makes option D incorrect. You could order, however, a

combination of acceleration and standard reduction nodes. Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/

products/collateral/servers-unified-computing/ucs- invicta-series-solid-state-system/datasheet-c78-



Which three options are three benefits of faster applications based on Cisco sales experiences? (Choose


A. Run more virtual servers on a single physical host

B. Consolidate high-performance computing nodes

C. Consolidate databases

D. Consolidate servers

E. Consolidate virtual machines

F. Combine big data applications alongside relational databases

Correct Answer: BEF




Which four options are four key messages for Cisco UCS Invicta solutions? (Choose four.)

A. Cisco UCS Invicta eliminates the need for Fibre Channel connectivity.

B. Cisco UCS Invicta replaces all other PCIe-based flash storage.

C. Performance and deduplication storage nodes can be deployed in the same scaling system.

D. Cisco UCS Invicta provides symmetrical write performance (writes perform about as fast as reads).

E. Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system provides a unique architectural advantage over other all flash arrays.

F. Cisco UCS Invicta provides scale-up performance up to 30 storage nodes.

G. PCIe flash form factor provides Cisco UCS Invicta with the lowest latency possible.

H. Cisco UCS Invicta concurrently provides scale-up and scale-out architectures.

Correct Answer: CDEH



Explanation: The architecture of Cisc Invicta allows both scale up and scale out options, providin flexibility

to customize the type of storage nodes based on the needs and allowing need equal- performance for both

read and write operations.


Which protection mechanism is used by the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance to protect data writes if a power

outage occurs?

A. The UPS option is available to prevent loss of power to the device.

B. The LSI RAID card protects data in the event of power loss.

C. The QLogic HBA card protects data in the event of power loss.

D. The NVRAM card protects data in the event of power loss.

Correct Answer: D



Explanation: The NVRAM card is the actual ring buffer which protects data to be written in the case of

power outages.


Which three options are three characteristics of Cisco UCS Invicta volume groups? (Choose three.)

A. If high availability is required, mirroring should be enabled on any volume groups that span multiple

storage nodes.

B. A volume group is presented to the system as one large storage unit.

C. A volume group cannot span multiple storage nodes.

D. Vertical RAID 6 protects volume groups that span multiple storage nodes.

E. LUNs are assigned to volume groups.

F. RAID 1 and RAID 6 are the two options for volume group configuration.

Correct Answer: ABE



Explanation: A LUN is a storage logical unit, presented to the system as a storage unit; in the case of UCS

invicta, you can enable mirroring for high availability; LUNs should be mapped to Volumes.


Which statement about the scaling system router is true?

A. SSR has no management or host facing interfaces, no ring buffer, and no LSI RAID card.

B. SSR has no management interface but does have host facing interfaces, no ring buffer, and no LSI

RAID card.

C. SSR has management and host facing interfaces, a ring buffer, and no LSI RAID card.

D. SSR has management and host facing interfaces, ring buffer, and LSI RAID card.

E. SSR has management and host facing interfaces, no ring buffer, and no LSI RAID card.

Correct Answer: E



Explanation: SSR deals with management and networking functions of the Scaling system; the other

options referred to above are storage-specific, thus carried by the Scaling Node.


Which two characteristics are common to OLTP transactions? (Choose two.)

A. Bulk loads of large data files

B. Long-running queries against large data sets

C. Small, interactive transactions

D. After-hours batch processing

E. A requirement for subsecond response times

Correct Answer: BE



Explanation: Typically, On-Line transactions are small interactions where customers look for fast


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