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An administrator has been asked to update an IBM i 7.1 system to the most current Technology Refresh available from IBM. Which method is the most appropriate to achieve the update?

A. Perform a D-mode IPL using the Technology Group PTF package SF99707.

B. Perform a slip install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

C. Perform a scratch install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

D. Perform an install of the Technology Group PTF package SF99707 using the GO PTF menu.

Correct Answer: D


A developer has created a Worklight mobile application and wants to use the Android Virtual Device (AVD) — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

emulator to test it. To accomplish this, the developer has installed the ADT plug-in, Android 4.0 SDK

platform and created an Android environment for the application. What else does the developer need to do

before the AVD emulator can be used to test the application?

A. Export the application\’s .apk file to AVD Manager.

B. Use the AVD Manager to create an AVD for the Android 4.0 SDK platform.

C. Set the android:minSdkVersion property to “4.0” in the application\’s AndroidManifest.xml file.

D. No additional action is required. Worklight Studio automatically creates an AVD for the installed Android

SDK platform.

Correct Answer: B


Which tool can be used to report and take various actions on all user profiles with passwords that match the profile name?





Correct Answer: A


Which of the Following MUST be present in every SOAP request?

A. SOAP Envelope SOAP Header, SOAP Body

B. SOAP Header, SOAP Body

C. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Body

D. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Header

Answer: C


Which two sets of parameters in the WebSEAL configuration file specify the information

required to access a default key database file? (Choose two.)

A. webseal-cert-keyfile = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.kdbwebseal-cert-keyfile-pwd

= pdsrvwebseal-cert-keyfile-stash = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.stash

B. webseal-cert-keyfile = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.kdb# webseal-cert-keyfilepwd

= pdsrvwebseal-cert-keyfile-stash = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.sth

C. webseal-cert-keyfile = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.kdbwebseal-cert-keyfile-pwd

= pdsrv# webseal-cert-keyfile-stash = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.sth

D. webseal-cert-keyfile = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.kdb# webseal-cert-keyfilepwd

= pdsrv# webseal-cert-keyfile-stash = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.sth

E. # webseal-cert-keyfile = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.kdbwebseal-cert-keyfilepwd

= pdsrvwebseal-cert-keyfile-stash = /var/pdweb/www-default/certs/pdsrv.sth

Answer: B,C