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For which of the following would a developer select the SAX API over the DOM API?

A. Resolving element cross-references.

B. Outputting content in the order it appears.

C. Randomly accessing information in the document.

D. Searching for a particular text string in an element.

Answer: B, D


A customer currently does not use NAS storage and their file server growth is out of

control. All of the following are benefits of N series consolidation EXCEPT:

A. Reduce administrative overhead

B. Decreased storage utilization rates

C. Reduce disruptions to end users during backups

D. Flexibly provision storage and storage services in minutes

Answer: B


When selling against competition, which of the following focus on the iDataPlex value proposition?

A. Superior chip density

B. Balance performance, cost, andpower cooling efficiency

C. Flexible configurations ready for integration and testing at thecustomers data center

D. Standard rack mounting

Answer: B


Identify two different types of custom stages you can create to extend the Parallel job syntax?

(Choose two.)

A. Input stage

B. Basic stage

C. Group stage

D. Custom stage

E. Wrapped stage

Answer: D,E



The derivation for a stage variable is: Upcase(input_column1) : \’ \’ :

Upcase(input_column2).Suppose that input_column1 contains a NULL value. Assume the legacy

NULL processing option is turned off. Which behavior is expected?

A. The job aborts.

B. NULL is written to the target stage variable.

C. The input row is either dropped or rejected depending on whether the Transformer has a reject


D. The target stage variable is populated with spaces or zeros depending on the stage variable

data type.

Answer: B