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The following numbered items show the contents of the four frames exchanged during the 4-way


Arrange the frames in the correct sequence beginning with the start of the 4-way handshake

A. 3, 4, 1, 2

B. 2, 3, 4, 1

C. 1, 2, 3, 4

D. 4, 3, 1, 2

Answer: A


What elements should be addressed by a WLAN security policy? (Choose 2)

A. Verification that administrative passwords are unique to each infrastructure device

B. Enabling encryption to prevent MAC addresses from being sent in clear text

C. Security policy details should be safeguarded from non IT employees to prevent vulnerability


D. End user training for password selection and acceptable network use

E. Social engineering recognition and mitigation technique.

Answer: D,E


A proper password security policy for wireless access should be ensured, and the baseline for

secure password and secret key selection should be enforced.

As part of a more general corporate security policy, users should be informed about social

engineering attacks and not disclosing information about the network to potential attackers.



What disadvantage does EAP-TLS have when compared with PEAPvO EAP/MSCHAPv2 as an

802. 11 WLAN security solution?

A. EAP-TLS requires a PKI to create X509 certificates for both the server and client, which

increases administrative overhead.

B. EAP-TLS does not use SSL to establish a secure tunnel for internal EAP authentication.

C. Fast/secure roaming in an 802 11 RSN is significantly longer when EAP-TLS is use.

D. EAP-TLS does not protect the client’s username and password in side an encrypted tunnel.

E. Though more secure EAP-TLS is not widely supported by wireless infrastructure or client


F. Initially mobility authentication with EAP-TLS is significantly longer due to X509 certificate


Answer: A

Explanation: EAP – TLS requires the use of client – side certifi cates in addition to a server certifi

cate.The biggest factor when deciding to implement EAP – TLS is whether an enterprise PKI

infrastructure is already in place. This would usually, and optimally, include

separate servers in a high – availability server cluster.


Given:A new Access point is connected to an authorized network segment and is detected

wirelessly by a WIPS.

By what method does the WIPS apply a security classification to newly discovered AP?

A. According to the location service profile

B. According to the SNMP MIB table

C. According to the RADIUS rectum attribute

D. According to the site survey template

E. According to the default security policy

Answer: B

Explanation: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:E-


200.pdf A new Access point is connected to an authorized network segment and is detec

ted wirelessly by a WIPS. WIPS uses location service profileandcd=9andhl=enandct=clnkandgl=inands



What one advantage of using EAP-TTLS instead of EAP-TLS as an authentication mechanism in


A. EAP-TTLS does not require the use of PKI.

B. EAP-TTLS does not require an authenticator server.

C. EAP-TTLS sends encrypted supplicant credentials to the authentication server.

D. EAP-TTLS supports mutual authentication between supplicants and authentication servers.

E. EAP-TTLS supports smartcard clients.

Answer: A


EAP-Tunneled Transport Layer Security (EAP-TTLS) is an EAP protocol that extendsTLS. It is

widely supported across platforms; although there is no native OS support for this EAP protocol in

Microsoft Windows, it requires the installation of small extra programs such as SecureW2. EAP-

TTLS offers very good security. The client can but does not have to be authenticated via a CA-

signed PKI certificate to the server. This greatly simplifies the setup procedure, as a certificate

does not need to be installed on every client.



In an effort to optimize WLAN performance ABC Company has already upgraded their

infrastructure from 802 11b/gto802 11n. ABC has always been highly security conscious but they

are concerned with security threats introduced by incompatibilities between 802.11n and

802.11a/g in the past.ABC has performed manual and automated scans with products that were

originally designed for use in 802 11a/g networks.Including laptop-based spectrum and protocol

analyzers as well as an overlay 802 11a/g WIPS solution.ABC has sought your input to

understand and respond to potential security threats.

In ABC’s network environment, what type of devices would be capable of identifying rouge APs

that use HT Greenfield 40 MHZ channels? (Choose 3)

A. 802.11n WPS sensor with a single 2×2 radio

B. The company’s current laptop-based protocol analysis tools

C. WIPS solution that is integrated in the company’s AP infrastructure

D. The company’s current overlay WIPS solution

E. The company’s current laptop-based spectrum analysis tools

Answer: A,B,C


HT GreenfieldThe Greenfield PHY header is not backward compatible with legacy

802.11a/g radios and can only be interpreted by 802.11n HT radios

Laptop Analyzer automatically identifies hundreds of performance problems, such as 11b/g

conflicts, 802.11e problems, and QoS, as well as dozens of wireless intrusions and hacking

strategies, including Rogue devices. With the Laptop Analyzer, users can classify and decode

Non-HT (legacy), HT mixed format and HT greenfield format traffic and identify backward

compatibility issues with legacy 802.11a/b/g devices operating in the same environment.

http://www.njbo.net/tools/Laptop Analyzer – WLAN Monitoring and%

20Troubleshooting Tool – AirMagnet.htm

The HT Greenfi eld PHY header cannot be detected by a WIPS that is using

legacy 802.11a/g sensors. The solution to this problem is to upgrade the WIPS with new

sensors that also have 802.11n HT radios. (the company has already upgraded to 802.11n so

C is correct)



Given:The illustration shows a WLAN protocol analyzer decoding an 802.11 beacon frame.

What statement about the access points BSSistrue and can be confirmed with this illustration?

A. This is a TSN and stations may use only the TKIP chiper suit.

B. The BSS’s group key chiper will be rotated by the access point after two more beacon frames.

C. The BSS supports both CCMP and TKIP chiper suit simultaneously.

D. There is currently one wireless client associated with the AP using TKIP chiper suit within the


E. The BSS is an RSN, but the only chiper suit supported in BSS is TKIP.

Answer: E


What 802 11 WLAN security problem is addressed by 802.1X/EAP mutual authentication.

A. Disassociation attacks

B. Weak initialization vectors

C. Offline dictionary attacks

D. Weak password policies

E. MAC spoofing

F. Wireless hijacking attacks

Answer: F

Explanation: The only way to prevent a wireless hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and/or Wi-Fi

phishing attack is to use a mutual authentication solution.802.1X/EAP authentication solutions

require that mutual authentication

credentials be exchanged before a user can be authorized.



Given:The network in this diagram implements an 802.1X/EAP-based wireless security solution.

What device functions as EAP authenticator?

A. Ethernet switch

B. Mobile device

C. LDAP server

D. Access point

E. WLAN controller

F. RADIUS server

Answer: E

Explanation: supplicant is often the laptop or wireless handheld

device trying to access the network

A device that blocks or allows traffi c to pass through its port entity.

Authentication traffi c is normally allowed to pass through the authenticator, while all othertraffi c is

blocked until the identity of the supplicant has been verifi ed. The authenticatormaintains two

virtual ports: anuncontrolled portand acontrolled port. The uncontrolledport allows EAP

authentication traffi c to pass through, while the controlled port blocks allother traffi c until the

supplicant has been authenticated. In a WLAN, the authenticator isusually either an AP or a

WLAN controller.

Theauthenticator plays the role of the intermediary, passing messages between the supplicantand

the authentication server.

In the centralized WLAN

architecture, autonomous APs have been replaced with controller – based access points

alsoknown as thin APs. Acontroller – based APhas minimal intelligence, and functionally is justa

radio card and an antenna. All the intelligence resides in a centralizedWLAN controller,and all the

AP confi guration settings, such as channel and power, are distributed to thecontroller – based APs

from the WLAN controller and stored in the RAM of the controller –

based AP.

In this fig WLAN Controller is used with thin AP therefore the authenticator is WLAN Controller



In this diagram illustrating an example of IEEE 802.11standard’s4-Way handshake what is the

purpose of ANonce and Snonce?

A. There are values used in the derivation of the pairwise Transient key.

B. The IEEE 802.11 standard requires that all crypto graphic frames contain a nonce for security


C. They are used to pad message 1 and message 2 so each frame contains the same number of


D. They are added together and used as the GMK, from which the GTK is derived.

E. They allow the participating STAs to avoid sending unicast encryption keys across the wireless


Answer: A

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