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Which of the following provides resilience when dynamically allocating CPU and memory resources on IBM

Power Systems servers?

A. . PowerHA System Mirror for Virtualization

B. PowerVM Enterprise Extended Edition

C. Redundant VIO server partitions

D. Redundant Hardware Management Consoles

Correct Answer: D


A customer is planning to migrate an existing AIX 7 environment from POWER5 hardware to POWER7.

The existing deployment consists of multiple machines, each hosting many LPARs. Due to software

licensing constraints, the new environment must maintain the same number of logical CPUs. The pmcycles

command reports the following on an LPAR on the POWER5 environment:

$ pmcycles -m

CPU 0 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 1 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 2 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 3 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 4 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 5 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 6 runs at 2198 MHz

CPU 7 runs at 2198 MHz

How many virtual CPUs should be assigned to the destination LPAR on the POWER7 environment?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 8

Correct Answer: B


When doing the Solution Assurance for a p5 570 with several LPARs, it is discovered that the

customer plans to back the system up using mksysb. The customer would like to do unattended

automated system backups and incorporate them into their off-site data recovery system. Which

mksysb solution should be implemented?

A. A local DVD-ROM drive

B. A NFS mount on a NIM Master

C. A SSA disk array and mirror the data

D. A local tape drive and use DLPAR to move the tape to each LPAR

Answer: B


Which network protocol does the “Ping Remote” DataPower function use to test network

connectivity to a remote system?




D. Multicast UDP

Answer: C



During the pre-installation planning of a customer\’s recently purchased IBM System Storage DS8700 the

port configuration, cabling, and disk layout were discussed. What other topic should be discussed in this

solution review?

A. LPAR capacity planning

B. logical volume configuration

C. data migration process

D. audit hosts for HBA worldwide port names

Correct Answer: C