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An organization is currently migrating its application to XML. The document instances are created

mostly from back-end processes; however, they also receive accounts-receivable and bill-oflading

data from two business partners. Which of the following factors support the use of XML

Schemas instead of DTD5 for validation?

A. The vocabulary is proprietary.

B. The DTD is comprised of internal and external subsets dependent on instance usage.

C. Namespace support is being built into the application.

D. Strong datatyping is needed by the application.

Answer: C, D


Two heterogeneous business partner applications interface with each other using XML data. The

binding contract for the structure of the data between the two applications is MOST likely to be:



C. XML Schema.

D. XML Information Set.

Answer: C


Which of the following must a system administrator define when creating a JDBC provider at the

cluster scope?

A. All datasources for this JDBC provider at the cluster level.

B. An XA data source implementation type, for the JDBC driver.

C. The symbolic Variable used in the class path to the JDBC driver for each node in the cluster

D. The J2C authentication data entry for the datasource at the cluster scope.

Answer: C


An application vendor has shipped a save file with the source member for a new program. The administrator restored the new source member into the existing source file, but when checking the source file after the restore discovered that all of the previous source members were missing.

Which parameter of the Restore Object (RSTOBJ) command would have allowed the administrator to restore the new member without losing the existing members?





Correct Answer: A


The solution implementer wants to set up the Interoperability Test Service (ITS) to simplify service

development for the DataPower developers. How can the solution implementer provide this


A. Download the Resource Kit from IBM Fix Central, and supply the Resource Kit test clients to

the developers.

B. Download the Resource Kit from IBM Fix Central, enable ITS, and supply the Resource Kit test

clients to the developers.

C. Download the ITS configuration and Resource Kit from IBM Fix Central, import and enable ITS,

and supply the Resource Kit test clients to thedevelopers.

D. Download the ITS configuration and Resource Kit samples from the DataPower information

center, import ITS, and supply the test clients to thedevelopers.

Answer: B