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Which file must be synchronized between two Policy Servers when configuring a high

availability environment?

A. pdmgrd.conf

B. master_authzn.db

C. PDPerm.properties

D. ivmgrd-.conf

Answer: B



A developer created an encrypted cache with the WL.EncryptedCache.open function. When the function

is triggered, the following status code is returned:


status code mean?

A. The encrypted cache was created successfully, though it was only secured by a user

provided password.

B. The application failed to create the encrypted cache because the Worklight server was

unavailable for some reason.


The encrypted cache already existed with a previously created random key, so it was not

possible to create it again with a new key.


The application failed to create the encrypted cache, because there was no parameter provided

in the function call to generate the randomkey.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator has successfully used a CL program to perform the nightly backup to an LTO-3 drive defined as TAPO3. A fibre attached LTO-5 drive was added later and it was configured as TAPO4 with resource name TAPO4.

After updating the CL source to reflect this change, the backup is still attempting to run on the LTO-3 drive. Which action is most likely to solve the problem?

A. Recompile the backup program.

B. Change the resource type of TAP04 to LTO-5.

C. Use TAPMLBU4 as fibre attached drives are only supported in library mode

D. Vary off the LTO-3 drive so the program can find the LTO-5 drive

Correct Answer: A


Use of the DOM (Document Object Model) is MOST appropriate when:

A. Memory is limited.

B. Only certain elements need to be processed.

C. Documents are very large.

D. Elements must be processed in non-sequential order.

Answer: D


A customer has the need for performance monitoring of an IBM System Storage DS8000. Which product

does the customer need?

A. System Storage Productivity Center

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Fabric

Correct Answer: C