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A system administrator had a disk failure on an HMC. The disk was replaced and the HMC was

loaded from the Product Recovery CD. The system administrator had performed a backup to

DVD of the HMC data before the system failed. After restoring the backup files, it was noticed that

no profile files were restored. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The profile data was not initialized after restoring the backup CD

B. The profile data was not backed up before doing the Critical Console Data backup

C.A Critical Console Data backup was performed which backs up user data, but not profile data

D. A Save Upgrade data was done instead of a backup Critical Console Data and the profile files

were not included

Answer: B


An architect is looking at the implications of uncapped weights for a new POWER7 system. The system will

consist of four uncapped logical partitions with the following weightings:

Assuming all partitions have equal entitlement and virtual processor configurations in the partition profiles,

and request additional resources from the shared processor pool over a period of 1000 cycles, how many

cycles will be allocated to LPAR B?

A. 150

B. 250

C. 300

D. 1000

Correct Answer: C


What is a key differentiator between a DS8700 and DS8800 for a customer looking for a high capacity

solution at the lowest cost?

A. DS8700 supports SATA drives

B. DS8800 supports more physical drives

C. DS8700 supports 2.5″ disk drives

D. DS8800 supports 4Gbps FC drives

Correct Answer: A


A customer is planning a new multi-tiered web based retail solution. The solution will be implemented on

AIX, running on POWER7 based servers. Several options are being considered, including one enterprise

class system, two mid-range systems, or several entry level systems. Which of these documents will allow

for an easy side-by-side comparison of the various models in the Power Systems range?

A. AIX From Strength to Strength

B. POWER7 Systems Facts and Features

C. Redpaper: IBM Systems Virtualization: Servers, Storage, and Software

D. IBM Power Systems Comparison Manual

Correct Answer: B


The solution implementer configured a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to process WebSphere MQ

messages using the same MQ queue manager object for both the front end and back end. A request rule

in the processing policy sends a message to queue A and then to queue B in a single transaction by using

a “Result Action”. The MQ URL for the back end contains the “Transactional=true” tag. The output type of

the “Result Actions” is set as “Binary” and the OUTPUT context has a named variable. What are the

additional configuration options that the solution implementer needs to guarantee message delivery for

both back-end queues? Specifically, if any one message fails, the entire transaction will roll back.

A. Configure two phase commit in the backend WebSphere MQ queue manager.

B. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = off ” in the MQ queue manager object.

C. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = on”; “Backout Threshold” and “Backout

Queue” defined in the MQ queue manager object.

D. DataPower cannot support this use case as an MQ queue manager object only works with global


Correct Answer: C