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People who break into a system typically do not know what permissions they have so they

attempt to do everything. Which report would be used to identify this activity?

A. General Audit Event History

B. Failed Authorization Event History

C. General Audit Event Details Report

D. Failed Authentication Event History

Answer: B



A partition that uses an LHEA for network connectivity needs to be moved to another managed system.

The administrator has the LHEA configured in an Etherchannel with a virtual Ethernet adapter as the

backup adapter. When attempting to perform the migration using the Migration Wizard, it fails. What is

necessary for the migration to be successful?

A. The HMC command line interface needs to be used to perform the migration.

B. The migration must be initiated from the opertaing systems of the mobile partition.

C. The LHEA must be removed from the Etherchannel before the migration.

D. The destination server does not have an LHEA available for the migration.

Correct Answer: B


A customer has requested an IBM System Storage DS8700 solution to meet the following requirements:

-20% yearly growth

-29,000 IOPS

-approximately 50/50 mix of read/write operations

-small (4 KB) data transfers The storage specialist has created a Disk Magic model in which each port is

capable of approximately 2,900 to 3,100 IOPS. What is the minimum number of ports that should be

configured on the DS8700 to handle the projected workload for the first year?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 12

D. 16

Correct Answer: C

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What are the minimum and maximum number of extent pools on an IBM System Storage DS8800 with 64

physical disks?

A. the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 8

B. the minimum is 2 and the maximum is 8

C. the minimum is 2 and the maximum is 16

D. the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 64

Correct Answer: A


A job schedule entry has been setup to run a daily system backup. Management has requested this backup job not run today. What is the most effective way to configure the job scheduler to automatically handle this request?

A. Set the omit date parameter (OMITDATE) to the current date.

B. Remove the day of the week to be omitted from the schedule day parameter (SCDDAY).

C. Set the omit date parameter (OMITDATE) to *CURRENT and the recovery action parameter (RCYACN) to *NOSBM.

D. Change the schedule time parameter (SCDTIME) to *NONE and the relative day of the month parameter (RELDAYMON) to the current date.

Correct Answer: A