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The threshold limit has been reached for the system ASP on a system running IBM i 7.1 . There are some disk units configured to a user ASP available. Business continuing policy prevents the administrator from stopping the system.

How could the system administrator correct the storage problem in the system ASP?

A. Increase the ASP threshold above the currently utilized storage.

B. Concurrently remove available disk units from user ASP using the “Remove units from configuration” SST option and add them to system ASP.

C. Switch to the backup system using an HA solution and restart the original system to DST. Remove the available disk units from user ASP and add them to system ASP.

D. Initiate a control panel function 21 to activate DST on the system console for the affected partition. Use the DST feature to compress the parity stripe to increase available storage.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator manages a Power 750 server for application development testing. Full system

environments need to be deployed quickly to perform functional application testing. What is the fastest

method for the administrator to deploy new AIX environments for the testing staff?

A. Install a VIO server and install testing LPARs utilizing virtualized network and disks.

B. Install a NIM server LPAR on the system and perform installations on testing LPARs through Virtual

Ethernet adapters.

C. Use alt_disk_install to maintain a new image on alternate disks on testing LPARs.

D. Create a global LPAR and create test environments using WPAR.

Correct Answer: D


When many LPARs require large quantities of SAN LUNs, what is a benefit of leveraging NPIV over more

traditional vSCSI virtualization?

A. Multipath I/O

B. Enhanced resilience

C. Normalized throughput

D. Reduced administration

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following are services implemented by the WebSphere Application Server?

A. Session management, Naming, Messaging engine, and the user registry

B. Security, Messaging engine, Naming, HTTP Plug-in

C. The user registry, Transaction service, Naming, and HTTP Plug-in

D. Security, Naming, Messaging engine, and Dynamic Cache

Answer: D


A retailer recently upgraded their IBM Sterling Order Management from an older version to 9.1.

While verifying the installation after the upgrade was completed, the resource manager found that

the APIs were not returning data from the extended columns of product tables. The release

manager believes the root cause to be a defective build process. Which aspect of the build

process was defective?

A. The build process was not using the correct version of the JVM to compile the custom classes.

B. There is nothing wrong with the build process. Data from extended columns will not be carried

over as part of an upgrade.

C. In order to view data from extended columns, custom classes following the “data access object”

pattern have to be written and compiled as part of the build process.

D. The database extension xml was not present in the correct folder and hence the build process

was not including it and did not detect any of the database extensions.

Answer: D