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Which of the following are three areas that favor IBMs position in Web2.0 computing?

A. Acquisition cost, speed and density

B. High performance processors, cooling and reliability

C. Power, cooling and density

D. Acquisition cost, density and reliability

Answer: C


An administrator needs to analyze performance data that has been collected. The Performance Tools temporary key has expired. How can the system administrator analyze the performance data?

A. Adjust the QDATE system value to the day before the temporary key expired. Then rerun the performance analysis.

B. On another system with a valid Performance Tools key, enter the command STPPERDDM to use DDM to remotely connect to the system to be evaluated.

C. Start performance collection using System i Navigator, save the collection library and restore it to another system with a valid Performance Tools key.

D. Start performance collection using the PM400 tab in System i Navigator and click `yes\’ when prompted to send the data to IBM. Then review IBM\’s analysis online.

Correct Answer: C


A client tried to upgrade the system firmware on a p5 590, but it failed. What is the minimum

requirement to update the system firmware from the HMC if inventory scout is already installed?

A. A public internet connection

B. All of the Logical Partitions need to be active

C. One partition must be configured with Service Authority

D. A local Repository must be configured prior to the update

Answer: C


A Worklight mobile application uses a native page to display a real-time graph of the price of a stock

symbol. The native page is invoked from a web page using the WL.NativePage.show() method and

requires a parameter that contains the value of the stock symbol to display. To pass the value of “IBM” as

a parameter to the native page using the parm variable, how should the variable be initialized before

passing it to the method?

A. var parm = “IBM”;

B. var parm = [“IBM”];

C. var parm = {symbol: “IBM”};

D. var parm = [“symbol”, “IBM”];

Correct Answer: C


A buyer sends details of an order in the form of a flat file. A developer needs to create a service

that will read this flat file and, based on its contents, transform it into XML to create an order in the

IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite. Which nodes does the developer need to create for this


A. FTP, Text Translator, and API

B. File I/O, XSL Translator, and DB

C. File I/O, Text Translator, XSL Translator, and API

D. File I/O, Text Translator, XSL Translator, API, and DB

Answer: C