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A web page in a Worklight mobile application invokes a native page using the following function call:

WL.NativePage.show(“com.demo.NativePage”, parm2, data); What needs to be passed to the native page

in the parm2 parameter?

A. the name of an HTML error page that is displayed in case of error

B. the function object that is called upon return from the native page


the name of a native error-handler class that is invoked in case of error


the URL of the web page that is displayed upon return from the native page

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Correct Answer: B


The WebSphere Rapid Deployment(WRD) tool is running in the automatic allocation mode. All of

the following enterprise applications will be deployed if the file types are placed below in WRD\’s

monitored directory EXCEPT.

A. An Enterprise Archive (EAR) file.

B. A Web module (WAR) file.

C. An EJB module JAR file.

D. A Resource Adapter Archive (RAR) file.

Answer: D


A system administrator is about to federate a node into a Network Deployment cell. The node\’s

server has several applications installed and a Service integration Bus is defined on the node.

Before federating the node, the system administrator must understand that the default behavior of

the addNode operation is:

A. To not carry over applications to the cell.

B. To not carry over Service Integration Buses to the cell.

C. To not carry over applications and Service Integration Buses to the cell.

D. To carry over applications and Service Integration buses to the cell.

Answer: C


Which three are required fields in the Agent configuration to establish communication between an

Agent and a JMS Server?

A. SIB Name

B. Provider URL

C. SIB Queue Name

D. JMS Server Name

E. JMS Queue Name

F. QCF Lookup Name

Answer: B,E,F



Which XML document is valid according to XML specifications?



C. C.


Correct Answer: D