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Indicate two possible job design topologies that Information Services Director (ISD) parallel jobs

can conform to. (Choose two.)

A. A job with a single ISD Transformation stage.

B. A job with one ISD Input stage and no ISD Output stage.

C. A job with no ISD Input stage and with one ISD Output stage.

D. A job with greater then one ISD input stage and one ISD Output stage.

E. A job with one ISD Input stage and greater then one ISD Output stage.

Answer: B,C



A developer has been asked to review a component in an existing implementation and suggest

improvements in its design. Orders from the web site are being received via a JMS queue. An

integration server picks up the message and creates the order. The Sales Order information is

being sent to the data warehousing system on the on_success event of the createOrder API. The

communication channel to the data warehousing system is secured web service. Which two are

potential issues with this approach?

A. Integration with data warehousing systems must be done only after the order has been

sourced, and not at the time of order creation.

B. If the data warehousing system does not respond in a timely fashion, it could have a cascading

effect on the rate of order creation.

C. An alternative messaging mechanism like JMS or flat files must be used as secured web

services is not supported by the product.

D. If the web service is not available resulting in an unhandled exception within the on_success

event, the transaction will get rolled back and theorder will not get created.

E. Events are meant to invoke other APIs in succession, and should not be used for

communicating with external systems. A customtime-triggered agent must be used for

communicating with the web service.

Answer: B,D



What are two statistics or attributes that can be added to the output of a Data Rule stage?

(Choose two.)

A. Record ID

B. System timestamp

C. Number of violations

D. Job execution owner

E. Percentage of violations

Answer: A,B



Users frequently overrun the amount of space intended for them, resulting in full home

filesystems. The customer is currently using AIX 5.3 with a mix of JFS and JFS2 filesystems.

Which of the following will contain the growth of the home filesystem space?

A. Implement disk quota for all home filesystems

B. Implement disk quota for the JFS2 home filesystems

C. Recreate the home directories as individual filesystems

D. Run the find command every night and delete all old files

Answer: A


Your job sequence must be restartable. It runs Job1, Job2, and Job3 serially. It has been compiled

with “Add checkpoints so sequence is restartable”. Job1 must execute every run even after a

failure. Which two properties must be selected to ensure that Job1 is run each time, even after a

failure? (Choose two.)

A. Set the Job1 Activity stage to “Do not checkpoint run”.

B. Set trigger on the Job1 Activity stage to “Unconditional”.

C. In the Job1 Activity stage set the Execution action to “Run”.

D. In the Job1 Activity stage set the Execution action to “Reset if required, then run”.

E. Use the Nested Condition Activity with a trigger leading to Job1; set the trigger expression type

to “Unconditional”.

Answer: A,D



As part of the planned migration from IBM WebSphere MQ V6.0 brokers to IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0, the

publishing and subscribing applications have moved to IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0 and all that is left are the

brokers. After IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0 is installed, what actions do the IBM WebSphere MQ

administrators need to take to complete the migration?

A. Activate the PSMODE parameter on the broker

B. Issue the strmqbrk command

C. Issue the migratemqbroker command for each broker

D. Recreate the brokers in the IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0 environment

Correct Answer: B




What are two statistics or attributes that can be added to the output of a Data Rule stage?

(Choose two.)

A. Record ID

B. System timestamp

C. Number of violations

D. Job execution owner

E. Percentage of violations

Answer: A,B



An administrator is upgrading 5 partitions on a single system to a new IBM i release.

The IBM i partitions share a tape library configured with one drive per partition. There is one DVD drive on the system shared by the all the partitions.

The maintenance window is long enough to upgrade at most one partition using DVD media. Which approach allows the administrator to complete all the upgrades within the maintenance window?

A. Build an image catalog with the distribution media, and copy to all partitions.Install each partition from its image catalog image.

B. Build an image catalog on a Linux PC, and share it with NES to all partitions.Concurrently update all the partitions using network install to the virtualized image catalog.

C. Build an image catalog with the distribution media on one partition.Save the directory with the DVD images to tapes so there is one tape for each partition. Use an alternate IPL device to install from the tapes.

D. Concurrently IPL all partitions in “D” mode to the DVD drive in shared mode.When all the partitions complete using one DVD and prompt for the next one, insert the next DVD in the drive and respond to the prompts.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator needs to access the HMC remotely from a browser on a desktop. When user ID “hscroot” is used, the authentication is successful. However, when user ID “admin” is used, the authentication fails, even though the ID has hmc super user as the Task Role. The user “admin” can sign on locally at the HMC.

What is the likely cause of the problem?

A. The web access password for “admin” is expired.

B. Only user “hscroot” has authority to the ETH1 device.

C. The user “admin” is not a member of the “webadmin” group.

D. Allow Remote Access via the Web has not been checked for the user id “admin.”

Correct Answer: D


For the Solaris platform, which databases are supported as a resource manager in transactions

coordinated by IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0?

A. Oracle, Derby, My SQL

B. DB2, Derby, Teradata

C. DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase

D. DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix

Correct Answer: C