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A company has a human service that enables a business user to select an employee and view the

employee\’s list of clients. Review the human service diagram snippet and Review Employee

Clients coach.

The first component of the Review Employee Clients coach with label Select an Employee is a

coach view named Select Employee, which is properly configured to fire a boundary event.

Assuming that the Select Employee coach view\’s Business Data and Configuration Options are

specified properly, what does the BPM application developer need to specify so that the Client List

table is populated once an employee is selected?

Within the coach view\’s:

A. view event handler, specify this.context.trigger()

B. view event handler, specify this.context.refreshView()

C. change event handler, specify this.context.trigger()

D. change event handler, specify this.context.refreshView()

Answer: C


A solution implementer needs to configure the appliance to throttle transactions if the device memory

utilization reaches 70%. What can the solution implementer do to achieve the desired result?

A. Configure Throttle Settings and set the Memory Throttle threshold to 30%.

B. Configure an SLM action to throttle transactions when memory reaches 70%.

C. Configure the Statistic Settings with load interval of 1 and memory threshold to 30%.

D. Memory management is an internal DataPower function and cannot be configured.

Correct Answer: A


A customer has a mission-critical application with redundant fabrics. The customer plans to replace older

EMC Symmetrix 8830 systems with an IBM System Storage DS8700 and an IBM SAN Volume Controller

(SVC). Which statement best describes the way to minimize the impact of data migration on the production


A. the production environment does not require an outage

B. the production environment requires an outage to install the SVC

C. the production environment requires an outage to install the DS8700

D. the production environment requires an outage to remove the EMC systems

Correct Answer: B


An administrator plans to save all the system values from the source system and restore them on the target system. Which pair of actions will do this?

A. PRTSYSINE and save the QSYSPRT generated spool file on the source system Restore the spool file and RTVSYSINE FILE(QSYSPRT) on the target system

B. RTVSYSINF LIB(LIBA) and save the LIBA library on the source systemRestore the LIBA library and UPDSYSINF LIB(LIBA) TYPE(*SYSVAL) on the target system

C. RTVSYSVAL SYSVAL(*ALL) LIB(LIBA) and save the LIBA library on the source system Restore the LIBA library and UPDSYSVAL LIB(LIBA) SYSVAL(*ALL) on the target system

D. WRKSYSVAL SYSVAL(*ALL) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) FILE(ABC) and save the ABC file on the source system Restore the ABC file and RTVSYSVAL SYSVAL(*ALL) FILE(ABC) on the target system

Correct Answer: B


An administrator created and tested a CL program to perform a nightly backup of an in-house application. The program adopts authority of the owner who is a user with *SAVSYS special authority.

The administrator can run the program without error. However, when any member of the OPERATOR group attempts to use the program, an error occurs.

Which action will correct the problem and maintain system security with least effort?

A. Grant the operators *ALLOBJ authority.

B. Change the authority on the library and program to PUBLIC *ALL.

C. Grant the operator group profile *USE authority to the program.

D. Use the Grant User Authority command (GRTUSRAUT) and specify the OPERATOR group as the referenced user.

Correct Answer: C