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A p5 570 customer is currently running AIX 5.3. The customer now wants to add Virtual Ethernet

to two of the LPARs. This will enable the application tier can communicate to the database tier

without using an external Ethernet card. What is the best way to accomplish this task?

A. Create a VIO server

B. Modify the LPAR profiles to add a Virtual Ethernet adapter

C. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the HMC

D. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the service

processor menu

Answer: B


A system administrator is configuring application servers for using the Data Replication Service in

a WebSphere Application Server V6 cluster environment. Which of the following replication

modes are available?

A. Client Only, Server Only, Both Client and Server

B. Cluster Only, Both Client and Cluster

C. Cluster Only, Both Cluster and Server

D. Cluster Only, Node Only, Both Cluster and Node

Answer: A


To optimize performance on an IBM System Storage DS8000, the input/output activity should be spread

across .

A. multiple LUNs in a single array

B. multiple switches

C. multiple host bus adapters

D. multiple internal servers

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer is writing a stylesheet that accepts input as shown in the following exhibit:

Given the information in the exhibit, which XPath expression locates the element named


A. /pay:payloadA./pay:payload

B. //*/Customer/..B.//*/Customer/..

C. /msg:message/*C./msg:message/*

D. /msg:message/..//*/payloadD./msg:message/..//*/payload

Answer: B



A developer previewing a Worklight application for an Android device in the Mobile Browser Simulator now

wants to preview the application for an iOS device. Is it possible to preview the application for both devices

on a same page of the Mobile Browser Simulator?

A. No because the developer can view only one device at a time.

B. Yes by clicking the Add Device button to select another device.

C. Yes by enabling the User Agent switching to select another device.


Yes by adding another device in the Device section of the Cordova API plugin.

Correct Answer: B