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A web page in a Worklight mobile application invokes a native page using the following function call:“com.demo.NativePage”, parm2, data); What needs to be passed to the native page

in the parm2 parameter?

A. the name of an HTML error page that is displayed in case of error

B. the function object that is called upon return from the native page


the name of a native error-handler class that is invoked in case of error


the URL of the web page that is displayed upon return from the native page — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Correct Answer: B


In addition to the objects in the /home directory, what additional objects are saved when SAV OBJ ((`/ home/\’ *INCLUDE)) is used?

A. Sub-directoriesObjects in the sub-directories

B. Sub-directoriesOmitting objects in the sub-directories

C. Security assignmentsOmitting sub-directories and their objects

D. Sub-directoriesObjects in the sub-directoriesSecurity assignments

Correct Answer: A


What utilities are available to monitor the Virtual IO Server performance?

A. sar, top and mon

B. ioo, vmo and topas

C. ifconfig and traceroute

D. Performance Toolbox Agent and Manager

Answer: B


Which of the following statements is NOT a capability of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?

A. CSS has a rule-based syntax that is non-XML.

B. CSS has some of the same styling capabilities offered by XSL-FO.

C. CSS supports right-to-left text.

D. CSS can be used when the structure of the source document is very close to the final display


Answer: C


A new IBM i system is being set up as an FTP host for downloads. The administrator sees that the devices connect properly, but the directory commands fail and IFS files cannot be downloaded.

What can the administrator do to correct the problem?

A. Change the FTP server\’s initial name format to *PATH.

B. Change the file extension so that it is properly translated.

C. Grant *PEAD authority for the files to the QTFTP user profile.

D. Change the CCSID of the files from 65535 to the correct number for the region.

Correct Answer: A