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Which three steps should you perform to troubleshoot an issue with gathering response time

breakdown data from WebSphere Application Server 7.0? (Choose three.)

A. ensure that the WAS server instance is running on the tester server before trying to instrument


B. check that the account used for performing the instrumentation has administrator or root


C. check if WAS security is active and turn it off

D. check that the application under test is deployed on a stand-alone WAS server

E. check the WAS server that is behind a firewall

Answer: A,B,C


An administrator is setting up a new Power 720 server with LAN Console for the first time. The connection will use a dual port Ethernet card located in a PCIe card slot.

After the Operations Console software is installed, the PC is cabled to the server and TCP/IP connections are configured, the server is powered on.

What must the administrator do to complete the LAN Console configuration process?

A. IPL the system to B Manual mode and configure the console device.

B. Move the console and server network cables to the primary network.

C. IPL the system in normal mode, start DST and sign in with 1111111.

D. Set the console adapter location using the control panel functions.

Correct Answer: D


An administrator needs to analyze performance data that has been collected. The Performance Tools temporary key has expired. How can the system administrator analyze the performance data?

A. Adjust the QDATE system value to the day before the temporary key expired. Then rerun the performance analysis.

B. On another system with a valid Performance Tools key, enter the command STPPERDDM to use DDM to remotely connect to the system to be evaluated.

C. Start performance collection using System i Navigator, save the collection library and restore it to another system with a valid Performance Tools key.

D. Start performance collection using the PM400 tab in System i Navigator and click `yes\’ when prompted to send the data to IBM. Then review IBM\’s analysis online.

Correct Answer: C


Which special authorities are required to allow a user to change user profiles on a system with QSECURITY set to 40?





Correct Answer: B


A group of companies want to define an XML vocabulary for exchanging catalog information

among them using XML. The companies want to have a single vocabulary that would allow each

company to provide some extra information that it wants to keep in its catalog entries. Which of

the following XML technologies can be used to solve this problem?

A. Document Object Model

B. XML Infoset

C. XML Namespaces

D. XML Schema

Answer: C, D