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An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 environment has scheduled archives which need to be

checked to ensure that they are successful. How is success completion verified?

A. run queryschedevents

B. runcron using the reporting events module

C. use Monitoring and Reporting to create a report listing successful and unsuccessful archives

D. use the Advanced Event Logger and Reporting feature to create a report listing successful and

unsuccessful archives

Answer: C


Which function allows a file system snapshot to be taken in a production environment running

Windows 2008 servers with a limited backup window?



C. open file support with VSS

D. open file support with VGSA

Answer: C


A customer determines that run time of a weekly reporting job has begun to increase rapidly over the past several months. Examination of the file shows only normal size growth of less than 1%.

The entire file is read sequentially by key and is heavily I/O blocked for performance.

What should the administrator do to reduce run-time for the reporting job?

A. Override the file to SEQONLY(*YES).

B. Reorganize the file to remove deleted records.

C. Reorganize the rile in the sequence of the key field.

D. Increase the job\’s time slice and enable expert cache in the memory pool in which the job runs.

Correct Answer: C


What is required to configure a WebSphere application server for remote debugging?

A. Edit the WebSphere file.

B. Edit the WebSphere remotAppServerDebug properties file

C. Go to the administrative console and enable the Debuging Service to start under the System

Administration tab.

D. Go to the administrative console and enable the Debugging Service to start along with the

application server.

Answer: D


Click the Exhibit Button.

The Cloud Service Creator is a core role in the Cloud Computing Architecture who develops the

technical and business aspects of a cloud service. What are two tasks in Cloud Service Creator