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The pay-as-you-go billing model is most likely to be used with which cloud service model?

A. Platform as a Service

B. Software as a Service

C. Infrastructure as a Service

D. Business Process as a Service

Answer: B



Companycom has been performing scheduled backups of their data to tape using “tar” in a script

for over one year with no problems. Recently, the tar command is returning a non zero return

code during the backup phase, causing the script to fail. What is the primary cause of this


A. The files have grown to over eight gigabytes in size

B. The file systems are corrupt, and fsck should be run

C. The tape block size has been changed from the default

D. The user\’s limit has been changed to less than eight gigabytes

Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to generate an X.509 private key and provide an associated

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to a certificate authority for signing and issuing of an associated

public certificate. The private key, certificate signing request, and public certificate files must be

archived in a certificate management system external to the appliance.

Which one of the following requests to the XML Management Interface will the solution

implementer use to satisfy this requirement?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: C



Which two components of IBM Service Management are relevant to cloud service delivery?

(Choose two.)

A. Data Center Automation

B. Virtualization Automation

C. Data Center Optimization

D. Network and Service Assurance

E. Business Process Transformation

Answer: A,D



A system administrator is asked to write a PERL script to output only those error messages in

System Out log that refer to some sort of error or warning. Which event types should the system

administrator include?

A. F,E,W

B. F,E,W,D

C. F,E,W,A

D. F,E,W,H

Answer: A