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Some system values were changed as the result of an audit. The administrator noticed that saves are faster, but that recoveries now take longer to complete. Which system value setting would cause this to happen?

A. Setting the QDSKCMP system value to 1 to compress the data on disk

B. Setting the QPERADJ system value to 2 to dynamically adjust the performance

C. Setting the QSAVACCPTH system value to 0 indicates that access paths will not be saved

D. Setting the QALWQBJRST system value to *ALWVLDERR to allow the restore of programs with validation errors to be restored

Correct Answer: C


As a result of an acquisition, an administrator is planning to consolidate some single-LPAR POWER6 520

servers onto an existing POWER7 server.

The administrator is attempting to make these 520 systems HMC-managed.

The network connection between the 520 system and an existing operational HMC have been verified and

checked. However the POWER6 machines fail to appear on the HMC panels.

What is the most likely resolution for this issue?

A. The POWER6 boxes need to be reset back to factory defaults.

B. The Flexible Service Processor (FSP) needs to be reset on each POWER6 520.

C. Upgrade to either PowerVM Standard or Enterprise edition.

D. Power cycle the physical system.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator is planning to configure two new Power Systems servers for Live Partition Mobility (LPM).

Each server will be connected to a separate HMC. What is required to achieve this in addition to those

requirements needed for LPM with a common HMC?

A. An RMC connection between each VIO partitionSSL key exchange between each VIO partition and all


B. An RMC connection between both HMCsSSH key exchange between all HMCs and FSPs

C. A common IP network between all VIO partitionsRMC key exchange between both HMCs and all VIO


D. A common IP network between both HMCs SSH key exchange between both HMCs

Correct Answer: D


An administrator needs to add a connection to System i Navigator to make it available for monitors, messages, and system activity.

Where should the administrator configure this?

A. Systems with partitions > Add System

B. Endpoint systems> New End Point System

C. My Connections > Connection to Systems> Add connection

D. Endpoint systems> New End Point System > Discover Systems

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is attempting to configure a new deployment of 56 POWER7 Blades across 4 IBM

BladeCenter H chassis. Each blade will be installed with an IVM and 2 LPARs.IVM is installed and the

administrator checks that both LHEA ports are reporting a Link State of “Up.” 2 LPARs are created and the

network traffic balanced by allocating one LHEA port to the first LPAR, the second port to the other. After

successfully installing the first LPAR via NIM, the administrator finds the second LPAR fails to netboot.

What should the administrator verify on the BladeCenter Chassis?

A. That 4 power supplies (PSU) have been installed.

B. That both the external LHEA ports have been cabled.

C. That a secondary I/O module has been installed and cabled.

D. That the Multi-Core Scaling (MCS) attribute is correctly set on both LHEA ports.

Correct Answer: C