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A client tried to upgrade the system firmware on a p5 590, but it failed. What is the minimum

requirement to update the system firmware from the HMC if inventory scout is already installed?

A. A public internet connection

B. All of the Logical Partitions need to be active

C. One partition must be configured with Service Authority

D. A local Repository must be configured prior to the update

Answer: C


How does IBM Rational Performance Tester use page names?

A. only as organizers for page elements

B. only as tags for data in statistical reports

C. only as tags for data in execution reports

D. as page organizers, and as tags for statistical, post run, and execution reports

Answer: D


Before submitting a long form, an application needs to explicitly detect that the device is connected to

the Worklight server. How can this be done?

A. Add an event listener to WL.Events.WORKLIGHT_IS_CONNECTED and handle the submission of the

form in the callback.

B. Add an event listener to WL.Events.WORKLIGHT_IS_DISCONNECTED and handle the submission

of the form in the callback.

C. Use WL.Client.invokeProcedure() to a procedure and then handle the submission of the form in the

callback onSuccess.


Use WL.Device.getNetworkInfo() and handle the submission of the form in the callback after checking

that isNetworkConnected is true.

Correct Answer: C


A customer\’s new IBM System Storage DS8000 must be raised by two floors in the building to place it in

the computer room. In order to simplify the physical delivery, the storage specialist asks for .


a quotation for extra delivery services

B. the addition to the configuration of the feature “Shipping weight reduction” at no charge


an order of the DS8000 with the minimum number of drive sets allowed and an MES order for the

remaining drive sets needed


an RPQ order to receive frames and drive sets separately

Correct Answer: B


In the process of developing a hybrid application, the QA team finds a bug with the user interface that is

noticeable only on an iOS device. What can the developer use to debug the application?

A. Use the Xcode debugger console.

B. Use the Mobile Browser Simulator.


Use iWebInspector and/or Weinre.

D. Use WL.Logger.debug() and WL.Logger.error().

Correct Answer: C