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After a hardware failure, a VIO server has been restored from a mksysb image on a NIM server. When the

VIO server boots, the client LPARs have no network access?

What is the cause of this problem?

A. The VIO server was configured to remain as a NIM client.

B. The backupios command was not run correctly.

C. Automatic device recovery is not supported by NIM restores.

D. The client LPAR virtual network adapters have not been recreated

Correct Answer: A


For which of the following would a developer select the SAX API over the DOM API?

A. Resolving element cross-references.

B. Outputting content in the order it appears.

C. Randomly accessing information in the document.

D. Searching for a particular text string in an element.

Answer: B, D


A customer is consolidating two POWER6 595 servers to a single Power 795. The two 595 servers each

have 24 active processors and have the following LPARs using dedicated processors, running


The new Power 795 system will have two Processor Books (nodes), each with 8 cores activated in all

MCMs (Multi Chip Modules).

LPAR1 is in need of more processing power. If all the other LPARs keep their existing Processor

allocation, what is the maximum number of processors which can be allocated to LPAR1?

A. 27

B. 32

C. 36

D. 100

Correct Answer: B


The difference between an xsl:variable and xsl:param is that

A. Only one has a required name attribute, which specifies the name of the variable.

B. The value specified on the xsl:param variable is only a default value for the binding and can

be specified at


A Customer has Director V5 installed and is considering Systems Director V6. They ask how

BladeCenter Configuration Manager works with this new version. Which of the following is the

correct answer?

A. This was replaced by Configuration Manager for V6

B. This must be upgraded toBladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM) for V6

C. This is common to both V5 and V6, no change is required

D. Automation Manager must be used in V6

Answer: A