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A customer needs a remote data copy, data migration, and off-site backup solution. The solution cannot

impact application performance. The sites are over continental distances. Which characteristic of DS8700

Global Mirror makes it a good fit for this customer?

A. it provides synchronous mirroring on both sides

B. it can be implemented withoutFlashCopy volumes at the target site

C. with Global Mirror, the Metro Mirror functions can be used over continental distances


it has almost no impact on application performance because of its extremely short and adjustable

coordination time

Correct Answer: D


The network requirements for an appliance state that there should be an internal network used for the

management Ethernet interface and all other Ethernet interfaces will use the same external network. With

these requirements in mind, how can the solution implementer configure the Ethernet Interfaces to ensure

only the specified internal network uses the management interface and all other outgoing traffic uses one

of the other interfaces?

A. Develop a style sheet for content based routing that uses host header.

B. Define Secondary Addresses for the internal network on all interfaces.

C. Define Default Gateways on all interfaces with TCP Window Scaling enabled.

D. Define Static Route for internal network on the management interface and configure the Default

Gateway on all other interfaces.

Correct Answer: D


Which two types of initial data can be created with out-of-the-box Initial Data Loading services?

A. Items

B. Nodes

C. Customers

D. Enterprises

E. SKU Dedications

Answer: A,E



Which of the following statements reflects the BEST approach to rendering XML in a diverse

range of clients?

A. Format the XML during the XSL Transformation phase on the server using Format Objects

based on xsl:template rules.

B. Format the XML during the XSL Transformation phase on the server using xsl: output in

conjunction with an xsl:choose and various xsl:when statements.

C. Format the XML DOM in the middle tier XML application and deliver the objects to the

requesting client.

D. Use a combination of XSL Transformation processing and application processing to provide

the necessary formatting to render the XML for specific uses.

Answer: D


An administrator is attempting to restore an application compiled at IBM i 6.1 to a production system running IBM i 7.1. While other programs compiled at IBM i 6.1 restored without issue, one program fails to restore on the production system even though it successfully restored to the test system.

What should the administrator do to resolve the problem?

A. Change the system value QERCCVNRST to 2.

B. Change the system value QALWOBJRST to *ALWPGMADP.

C. Change the FRCOBJCVN parameter of the RSTLIB command to *YES.

D. Recompile the program on the test system, and then migrate it to the production system.

Correct Answer: B