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During the TDA, it is determined that Global Mirror will be implemented. The IBM team wants to ensure

that they have enough DS8800 fiber links to handle the mirroring workload. Which tool should be used to

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determine the number of fiber links needed?

A. RMF Magic

B. Capacity Magic

C. Disk Magic

D. PerfMon

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements about DS8000 hard drive technology is correct?

A. All types of the 2.5″ disk drives offered by the DS8800 system have higher performance than the 3.5″

disk drives supported by DS8700

B. The 2.5″ disk drives included on the DS8800 support 6Gbps SAS; the 3.5″ disk drives in DS8700 are 4

Gbps FC


The 2.5″ disk drives included on the DS8800 support 8Gbps SAS; the 3.5″ disk drives in DS8700 are 4

Gbps FC


The 2.5″ 15k rpm drives offered by the DS8800 system support 6Gbps SAS-2

Correct Answer: D


How does Worklight handle globalization of application messages?

A. It uses a user-provided JavaScript file.

B. It uses language-specific XML resources.

C. It uses a system-provided globalization file.

D. It uses a native language translation library.

Correct Answer: A


A customer business requirement addresses data encryption implemented in tape and disk media. They

plan to deploy a DS8700 to provide enterprise class storage and plan to configure the DS8700 with SSD

and Fiber Channel disk drives. Which statement is TRUE regarding disk encryption?

A. SSD disk encryption does not consume space

B. SSD disk is faster than FC disk for encryption

C. no space is wasted due to encryption on DS8700

D. there is higher processor utilization using FDE drives

Correct Answer: C


During a Live Partition Mobility action, the network on one of the MSPs fails and an error is shown.

Checking the HMC, the administrator sees the following:

What is the current state of the source LPAR?

A. Running and accessible as normal

B. Running but inaccessible via network

C. Running but with read-only SAN connectivity

D. Running but in a restricted state

Correct Answer: A