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A solution implementer is deploying four DataPower XI52 appliances in a production environment.

The requirement is to evenly distribute client traffic across all four appliances without using an

external load balancer. The firmware on these four appliances has the Application Optimization

feature enabled. A standby Virtual IP address (VIP) has also been configured on each appliance

with self-balancing enabled, and each VIP specifies the same standby group. No other appliance

network settings have been changed. What should the solution implementer verify with the

network team to ensure that this configuration will work? Ensure the network supports:

A. gratuitous ARP.

B. rapid spanning tree.

C. virtual MAC takeover.

D. multiple MAC addresses per Ethernet port.

Answer: A



After installing a new VIO server partition an administrator noticed that the time zone is incorrectly set to

CST6DST. The administrator would like the time zone set to Europe/London. Which command will achieve


A. chdate -timezone Europe/London

B. chzone -zone Europe/London

C. chtime -tz Europe/London

D. chsys -timezone Europe/London

Correct Answer: A


Consider the following partial XML document:




A job using a one-node configuration file writes to a target Sequential File stage. The target

Sequential File stage has been set to write to three different sequential files. How many instances

of the Sequential File stage will run in parallel?

A. One.

B. Two.

C. Three.

D. The job will abort, because a configuration file with at least three nodes is required.

Answer: C



A customer must compare a date column with a job parameter date to determine which output

links the row belongs on. What stage should be used for this requirement?

A. Filter stage

B. Switch stage

C. Compare stage

D. Transformer stage

Answer: D