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A company is receiving digitally signed SOAP/HTTPS messages to process payment transactions

from its business partner and verifies those messages using the Verify action. There is also a

requirement to use the signing certificate sent by the partner to encrypt the confidential response

message from the company back to the partner. To satisfy this requirement, the solution

implementer creates an Encrypt action with the \’Use Dynamically Configured Recipient Certificate\’

parameter to \’on\’. Which statement related to the scenario above is false?

A. The certificate created in the \’Recipient Certificate\’ field takes precedence over the dynamic

certificate input option.

B. The encrypt action will use the certificate defined in the variable

var://context/transaction/encrypting-cert to encrypt the message.

C. The dynamic certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message can be user-defined using the

syntax \’name:CertificateObjectName\’

D. The public certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message will be automatically extracted from

the incoming signed message while thesignature is verified in the Verify action.

Answer: A



Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A retail company is in the process of defining a product catalog. The requirements specify that the

product be uniquely identified by its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and contain a product name, a

product description, and a price. Additionally, some products can have up to five accessories.

Each accessory is a product by itself. Therefore, only the SKU of the accessories need to be

related to the product. Finally, it is also a requirement to enable addition of a promotion code that

would be effective during a specific period of time.

Every product in the catalog falls under a product category. The product category will be cross-

referenced in multiple places in the document. Which of the following is a valid document

fragment that satisfies this need?

A. <category idref=


What is a benefit of standardization for cloud consumers or users?

A. services language is better understood

B. services are obtained faster and cheaper

C. standard offerings do not require approval

D. it helps lowerthe costs for cloud service providers

Answer: B



The Change Apply stage produces a change Data Set with a new column representing the code

for the type of change. What are two change values identified by these code values? (Choose


A. Edit

B. Final

C. Copy

D. Deleted

E. Remove Duplicates

Answer: C,D



Which statement is true about managing clustered virtual machines running in a cloud computing


A. New strategy is required for managing virtual machines running in a cloud.

B. The strategy for managing virtual machines is no different that managing physical resources.

C. The availability of a virtual machine is dependent upon the hypervisor on which the VM is


D. The change in the boundaries of a cluster of virtual machines has no impact on the

management tooling.

Answer: B