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A large customer is consolidating their pSeries systems onto a p5 590. They will have a

requirement for a single device (disk, lun) to have multiple paths through different adapters in a

single LPAR. The primary applications were written for AIX 5.2. Which of the following would be

the recommended solution to satisfy this requirement?

A. Assign the adapters to a Virtual IO partition

B. Use the MPIO function included in AIX 5.2

C. Migrate the application to AIX 5.3 and use the MPIO function

D. Set up two Virtual IO partitions and attach both partitions to the device

Answer: B


Which three message types are defined by WebSEAL\’s local response redirect? (Choose


A. LG – login form

B. IN – information messages

C. AA – another auto message

D. PW – password management

E. IV – intraverse status messages

F. PD – policy director description message

Answer: A,B,D



A storage specialist wants to create a fixed-block volume in the extent pool P10, in rank group 0. Which of

these volumes cannot be created?

A. 2001

B. 2B00

C. 3A01

D. 5E00

Correct Answer: B


The customer forgot the admin password for the Storage Manager and had access denied to the storage.

No additional admin accounts have been created. What should be done to access the storage again?


access the storage through the serial port and change the password for the admin account

B. log a call to IBM support

C. log in to the HMC and open a browser; no password is required


download a script from the IBM website and reset the password with the superuser account

Correct Answer: B


A developer wants to implement an adapter authentication solution. The developer created the following

challenge handler:

What should be placed in the “to be filled” parameter?

A. realm name

B. module name

C. procedure name

D. security test name — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Correct Answer: A