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Which Worklight pre-defined authenticators can be used to secure an application that requires the user to

login with a user ID and password?

A. Form-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

B. Form-based authenticator or Adapter-based authenticator

C. Adapter-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

D. Form-based authenticator, Adapter-based authenticator or Header-based authenticator

Correct Answer: B


On an HMC-managed system with several partitions, the QSECOFR password for DST/SST has been disabled for one partition. No other profiles for DST/SST are known. What procedure will reset the password to the shipped value?

A. Sign on to the partition as QSECOFR, issue the CHGDSTPWD PASSWORD(*DEFAULT) command.

B. Use the function in the HMC for “Users and Groups” to modify the partition\’s DST password.

C. Use the control panel function 21 from the HMC user interface to reset the SST/DST password.

D. Connect to ASMI, use the “admin” profile to reset the DST password of the affected partition.

Correct Answer: A


A developer writes a Worklight push notification application and creates the following: 1.An event source

2.An adapter to retrieve the notification from the event source 3.A function to notify the user device 4.A

function to handle the arriving notification Which two actions still need to be done? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy the adapter to the server.

B. Deploy the event source to the server.


Create a function to verify the user device.

D. Create a function to subscribe to the event source.

E. Register the event source for the device on the console.

Correct Answer: AD


The wlmstat [email protected] 2 command has been run from a global environment with the following results:

What action can an administrator take to set limits, so that both server1 and server2 use the same amount

of CPU resources?

A. Use the cpu_deallocate -P command to reduce the CPU resources on server2

B. Use the chsysres command to assign the same CPU attributes to both servers.

C. Use the chwpar -R command to set the CPU attributes for each server.

D. Use the syncwpar -E command to copy the CPU resource allocation from server1 to server2.

Correct Answer: C


All IBM-supplied user profiles and administrators\’ profiles in a system have inadvertently been disabled and an administrator needs to regain access into the system.

What should the administrator do?

A. Sign on to the system console as user QSECOFR.

B. Reinstall the system License Internal Code to reset the QSECOFR profile.

C. Use Function 21 on the control panel 7 times to reset the QSECOFR profile.

D. Sign on with any user that has *JOBCTL authority and CALL QIBMSECRST (`QSECOFR\’ *DEFAULT 1).

Correct Answer: A