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Companycom currently has three p650 servers in their environment and they are implementing a

p5 595. The p650 servers are running in an SMP environment, but are connected to a pair of

HMCs. In order to follow best practices in the enterprise server environment and maintain HMC

connectivity to the p650s, what else will needs to be ordered in addition to the p5 595?

A. Include a new HMC in the order to connect to the p5 595

B. Include a pair of new HMCs in the order to connect to the p5 595

C. Include a media set for POWER5 HMC in the order to upgrade one of the existing HMC\’s to

POWER5 capabilities

D. Include a media set for POWER5 HMC in the order to upgrade both of the existing HMC to

POWER5 capabilities Include a media set for POWER5 HMC in the order to upgrade both of

the existing HMC? To POWER5 capabilities

Answer: B


The storage pool on tape has used a large number of volumes during the last few days. Which

approach would find the node which uses the largest amount of tape?

A. analyze the hardware log for hardware errors

B. analyze the q occupancy output for the largest data consumer

C. analyze the q volume usage output to determine the largest volume consumer

D. check the activity log for the largest tape requester/consumer or hardware problem

Answer: B


A job schedule entry has been setup to run a daily system backup. Management has requested this backup job not run today. What is the most effective way to configure the job scheduler to automatically handle this request?

A. Set the omit date parameter (OMITDATE) to the current date.

B. Remove the day of the week to be omitted from the schedule day parameter (SCDDAY).

C. Set the omit date parameter (OMITDATE) to *CURRENT and the recovery action parameter (RCYACN) to *NOSBM.

D. Change the schedule time parameter (SCDTIME) to *NONE and the relative day of the month parameter (RELDAYMON) to the current date.

Correct Answer: A


An Agent is configured to run on many Agent Servers with high threading levels expecting a high

volume of traffic. What happens if the volume of traffic became low?

A. The JMS queues would fill up with too many unprocessed transactions.

B. The system would slow down as there are too many processes running without work to do.

C. The Agent Server would automatically reduce the number of threads based on the number of


D. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite would automatically shutdown redundant agent

server instances.

Answer: B



Which IBM host-based device driver allows for path failover, while also providing dynamic load balancing

on a Windows 2000-based server?

A. PowerPath





Correct Answer: D